AUSTIN, TX - MARCH 13: Rapper Lil Wayne speaks onstage at the 2014 mtvU Woodie Awards and Festival on March 13, 2014 in Austi
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Lil Wayne gave us the still-strong Sorry 4 the Wait mixtape six quick months ago, which makes him Mother Theresa + Santa Claus for giving us the Free Weezy Album on July 4. (Weezy F. Baby and the F is for "fan of synchronicity.") FWA dropped as a Tidal exclusive, but the internet always has its ways, and it's possible to enjoy this thing in full—and to start playing the James Brown-sampling "I Feel Good" every day for the rest of your summer.

Why waste any more time, though? These are the 32 best lyrics from Lil Wayne's 15-track, 65-minute Free Weezy Album, featuring JeezyWiz Khalifa, Euro, Cory Gunz and more.

1. From "Living Right"
I make money, not exceptions

2. From "My Heart Races On"
Oh Lord, what are we runnin from?
The police cause they already killed enough of us
Stay out them streets cause they don’t fuck with us, they huntin us
We in a race against racists, that’s a color run

3. From "I'm That N---a"
Overpaid, fuck a budget
I'm overdue, I ain't budgin
I want my bread, fuck the muffins
Without my cream, I'm sour onion

4. From "My Heart Races On"
Momma hate I got my daddy’s eyes
Never looked into my daddy’s eyes, he ain't have the time, fuck him
The revolution will be televised
I just hope my contribution will be memorized

5. From "I Feel Good"
All my kids already rich, and they kids, and they kids
They think money grow on trees and as tall as they grew I climbed

6. From "Living Right"
My money so old I tell my new money "respect your elders"
I’m startin to get jealous of my own reflection
The young n---a sexy, a young n---a healthy
A young n---a flexin, I’m countin my blessings
Achoo, God bless me, thank you, you’re welcome

7. From "He's Dead"
We not one and the same
Casper the friendly, Tunechi 
Ask how I'm livin, I can't complain
Like, it's hot in hell, but it never rain

8. From "Post Bail Ballin"
Glass house on the block, five floors in it
Got a picture on the wall that costs more than it
You observin it, I'm absorbin it
Judge mad cause a n---a make more than him

9. From "Glory"
From here to Hell, I hear them hail, I give em hell
I'm spittin hail, I'm Clinton—well, I did inhale

10. From "My Heart Races On"
Got no degree, but where I'm from that’s the original climate
Where you can’t tell a fiend a crack rock isn’t a diamond

11. From "Thinking Bout You"
Fuck your degree, this murder in the first degree

12. From "Without You"
But I'm gettin through it, I might as well
Cause I know will time tell, but it be movin like a snail, yeah
You got a new one, I wish you well
Then I bite my nails, I'm scared I might hear weddin bells

13. From "Glory"
Holy shit, I'm the shit, Porta Potty Tunechi
Unload the Glock profusely when sortin out confusion

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 29: Rapper Lil Wayne performs onstage during the BET Awards '14 at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on June 29,
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14. From "London Roads"
Got the money on my mind, and bodies on my nine
And I swear everyday I'm on
my Ariana grind

15. From "He's Dead"
Dead man walkin
Through a dead plant garden, red ants army
Caveman Spartan
Die, come back to life, shaved and corporate
I paved and carved it
Made man forfeit, laid and chalked him
I slaved then bossed it, I don't need flowers around my grave, I need maids and doormen

16. From "Pull Up"
Like my ho cold and my tea warm

17. From "I'm That N---a"
My life awesome
I thank God momma didn't have an abortion
So every time I get paid she get her portion

18. From "I Feel Good"
I gotta posse full of hittas and a pocket full of In God We Trust
It's been so long since I said "it cost too much"
I'm so addicted to the fast money lifestyle and withdrawal sucks
And dead presidents act immortal, but I know you see money's not a problem

19. From "Glory"
Am I talkin' crazy, too much coffee maybe 
I smell like money, I know broke n---as feel nauseated 
The broads elated, my boys are faded, my car's the latest 
My bars the greatest, they rated X like Marvel made it

20. From "My Heart Races On"
This mornin I woke up on my good side
Life is just a race against time so have a good time
Heart racin, thoughts racin, competition: goodbye
I turn around, run backwards to see what second place look like

21. From "Murda"
Dreadhead from New Orleans
Where the youth dem got two choices:
Shoot or get shot, or n---a choose for you

22. From "Glory"
Black your eye like, you Willy Wonka
That's me in the Lam, I'm disappearin like Jimmy Hoffa

CAMDEN, NJ - AUGUST 21: Lil Wayne performs during Drake Vs Lil Wayne Tour at the Susquehanna Bank Center on August 21, 2014 i
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23. From "Thinking Bout You"
Lord I know I do my thing, can’t let my thing do me

24. From "London Roads"
Holey moley hockey mask, like Halloween, likOVO

25. From "Glory"
My weed louder than underarms and car alarms

26. From "Pick Up Your Heart"
I'm still watchin bootlegs cause I can't go to the movies
Cause I'm bigger than the actors in the movies

27. From "Without You"
Now you've been gone too long, true or false, right or wrong
I'm left to live life alone, I'mma need more Styrofoams
If you find your way home, you know that porch light is on
I lay in bed wishin your side was warm

28. From "Post Bail Ballin"
Soon as I get home I'm goin get that brand new Bentley
And I'mma honk the horn, ridin past the penitentiary

29. From "Without You"
I be tryna rest, but lord, the devil busy
And when I do, I dream of you and then the devil pinch me
Do you ever miss me?

Do you ever wish we'd get it right, and the rest is history?

30. From "Pull Up"
We the illest, we the coolest
The sickest and the smoothest, the gifted and the goofiest

31. From "Thinking Bout You"
Lord just keep lil Reginae away from birds and bees
Let her be strong as the woman that gave birth to me

32. From "He's Dead"
Rest in peace to the Cash Money Weezy 
Gone but not forgotten, no