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5 Dream Team-Ups for Lollapalooza 2015

Anything can happen in Lolla's guest appearance department

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Alabama Shakes and Metallica

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For their 19-years-later return to LollapaloozaMetallica should be honored to welcome Brittany Howard, one of the biggest badasses in rock 'n' roll, onstage with 'em for "Battery," "Master of Puppets," "One," "Hit the Lights"—anything, really. The rest of Alabama Shakes could keep up, too—have you heard "Gemini," the Black Sabbath-y blaster on Sound & Color? We'd say the Shakes should invite James Hetfield or Kirk Hammett up for their set, but they don't exactly need the help.

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Tame Impala and A$AP Rocky

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A$AP Rocky's shown over and over again his comfort level experimenting with artists way different from him—Florence Welch and Skrillex on the first album, British busker Joe Fox all over his new LP, A.L.L.A. (Not to mention the Selena Gomez single he's currently featured on.) Tame Impala's Kevin Parker, meanwhile, likes to keep things insular, but these guys' mutual adjacency to all things trippy would make for a helluva take on "L$D" or "Let It Happen."

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DJ Snake and Paul McCartney

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Paul McCartney's made it a point to work with hot artists in recent years—your Kanyes, your Rihannas, your Dave Grohls. But the Beatle bringing DJ Snake up during his headlining set—or dropping in on Snake's—would take things to another mother-fussin' level. We'd kill to hear Macca sub in for MØ on "Lean On" or Aluna George on "You Know You Like It." Or, even better, to witness DJ Snake dropping his plunky synth sounds on "Eleanor Rigby."

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Tyler the Creator and Gary Clark Jr.

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Tyler's third album, Cherry Bomb, featured an unexpectedly rockish but characteristically eclectic sound; the opening cut's got Black Lips singer/axe-smith Cole Alexander. Why not keep expanding with a collaboration with Gary Clark, Jr.? If the modern day Texas bluesman saw Tyler rapping Dr. Seuss on TV the other night, he knows the kid can spit outside the Odd Future realm.

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Young Thug and Charli XCX

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Thugger does a good job dominating the internet with controversial headlines and his Auto-Tuned weirdo rap (in that order). But he could use a little crossover shine, and we can't imagine how amazing it'd be to watch him rap Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" parts while Charli handles her hook.

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