July 20, 2015


Naughty Boy Opens Up About Zayn Malik Twitter Feud

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The Naughty Boy/Zayn Malik saga continues. For those not in the know: The pair were buds, and when it came time for the world to hear the former One Direction hottie's solo material, NB dropped "I Won't Mind," a Zayn original. A few weeks passed and Malik bashed the producer on Twitter, calling him a "fat joke." This weekend Naughty Boy spoke to the Sun about the drama. Get ready for more questions!

On the fat joke tweet: "It sounded like one of the things the little girls who send me hate would say. I can deal with what he said but he knows the hate I’ve had to endure for him is the bit that upset me. That’s not how I know Zayn to speak, even face to face. I definitely thought at first that he had been hacked. The fat joke thing wasn’t necessary and he’s getting a lot of backlash for that because a lot of his fans don’t look like Selena Gomez. At some point as an artist you have to take responsibility for everything you say. That’s why I think Zayn did it out of anger."

On allegedly leaking "I Won't Mind" and a cover of Rae Sremmurd's "No Flex Zone" featuring British rapper Mic Righteous: "I have never leaked anything of Zayn’s. The cover we leaked together. Nothing has been leaked by me. Zayn asked Mic Righteous to write something but it was never going to be used."

On his relationship with Zayn: "I haven’t reached out to him. I feel like he should have called me so I’m not planning on calling him right now."

On Twitter: "My Twitter war days are over and I’m definitely not going to start again with Zayn. Even though it was the one thing I’ve been tweeted that I should have ever replied to. But I don’t know what it is all about. He needs to try out different things and he is definitely still my friend. If we weren’t then I would have attacked him back.”

On Zayn's solo career: "I always thought that Simon [Cowell] would have handled this project best. He would have made an executive decision as it started with One Direction. I don’t think Zayn’s solo music will be heard until next year.”

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