July 24, 2015


All Time Low: New Found Glory Gave Us "Wedgies for Days" at APMAs

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse
Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat, pop-punk's resident funnymen and the faces of All Time Low, were given the honor of hosting this year's Alternative Press Music Awards. Last year it was Blink-182's Mark Hoppus who took the challenge, so the dynamic duo had big shoes to fill. Even though they had kids screaming for them the entire time, the pair still don't feel like the coolest kids in town. We talked to the guys on the red carpet before their big show.

What did you do to Mark Hoppus that they're letting you guys host?

Jack: We broke his legs.

Alex: We broke his knees.

What are you most stoked for other than hosting tonight?

Alex: I think all the performances. We saw some sound-checks yesterday and everyone is kicking ass. It's going to be wild.

Do you guys feel like the most popular kids in school right now?

Alex: No.

People have been shouting for you guys like none other.

Alex: Despite all of this we're still being picked on by New Found Glory. They beat us up. Wedgies, wedgies for days.

If you have broken knees tomorrow, I'll know who did it. I'll know who is hosting next year.

Alex: Exactly! I'm just kidding. This is a blast.