July 24, 2015


New Found Glory Discuss Hayley Williams Team-Up, Their Love of Shoegaze

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse
Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

New Found Glory are often heralded as pop-punk pioneers (if you don't own the 2002 record Sticks and Stones, what are you doing? Go get it now!) but have really eclectic taste in music. At the 2015 Alternative Press Music Awards, we talked to the band about shoegaze, their new video for "Vicious Love" featuring Chad Gilbert's fiancé and Paramore powerhouse Hayley Williams, plus a little bit about the guys of All Time Low. If you haven't heard, they've been sort of bullying ATL...all in good fun!

Cryus [Bolooki], you're up for Best Drummer.

Cyrus: It's so awesome just to be nominated. If All Time Low wins, I talked to Rian [Dawson], the drummer, and he's going to give me the award because they wouldn't have their band name if it wasn't for us. 

Chad Gilbert, guitar: Rian knows that Cyrus is a better drummer.

Maybe he'll split it into a couple pieces and it'll be a Mean Girls moment. You just released the "Vicious Love" video. Tell me about it.

Chad: We released the video for a song we also released today. It's called "Vicious Love." It's from a reissue that comes out in the fall. It features Hayley Williams, who's this young star that we found. Star in the making. We wanted to give her a big break so we were like, "Hey, this will be your first opportunity to sing," so we put her in the video. People seem to like what she's doing. 

Weird question for you, Jordan [Pundik, singer]. A few years ago you had this shoegaze blog and I remember all those bands, like Best Coast and Big Troubles passing it around. It was such a big deal to them. Are you still into that stuff?

Jordan: I've always been into that stuff. Maybe Chad will start writing some twinkly guitar parts, twinkly little bits and pieces. I've always loved that stuff since I was a teenager. Hence why it was called I Was a Teenage Shoegazer. I wore a Ride shirt yesterday.