July 8, 2015


Nick Jonas' New Single "Teacher" Gets Glittery Dance Remix

"Teacher" was already a standout on Nick Jonas' self-titled album—his breakout project that successfully transitioned him away from his Disney-fied Jonas Brother image. With its funky breakdown and Lionel Richie-esque sound, we were overjoyed to hear it was picked as the next single and a new remix is further proving why it's such an infectious tune.

DJ extraordinaire Dave Audé ups all the best parts of "Teacher," giving it a punchier beat and mixing additional synths on the dance breakdown. But he also adds in buzzy bass lines, EDM embellishments and a disco-y bridge, making it a prime choice for any summer rager.

We already have a sexy-sweet lyric video for "Teacher" that shows the pop jam's lyrics written over hot bodies. Hopefully that previews a very sexy visual for the single whenever it drops. Nick is pop's resident male hottie and "Jealous" was far too tame of a vid. We're ready for Nick's "Dirrty" moment!