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8 Musicians Reflect on Paramore's 'All We Know Is Falling' Turning 10

The pop-punk powerhouse's debut album was released a decade ago; here, some of our favorite bands reflect

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Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

Lynn Gynn, singer: [I first saw Paramore] with Jimmy Eat World. I was 12 or 13, seventh or eighth grade at the time. It was when I just started getting into playing music and wanting to do that but I never really saw anyone doing that, especially not female, especially at that age. I remember going to that show and seeing her up there, just rocking, and thought, "If you can do that, I can do that. You can do that!" Ever since that night when I was a little seventh grader, I was like, "I’m going to do that. I’m going to make that happen." I know “Franklin" and “Here We Go Again.” I never got into it fully but everything from then.

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Simple Plan

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

David Desrosiers, bassist: We were the first band to take them on tour!

Chuck Comeau, drummer: It was 2004. We had a call from Lyor Cohen, he was the president of Atlantic Records. He was like, "Hey, we have this young band that are coming up. Would you do us a favor and take them on tour? They’re called Paramore." We had never really heard of them—they were just signed, never really toured before. They sent us some songs and we were like, "This sounds great, we’d love to take them out." They were 16.

David: I remember the drummer coming up to me like, "Hey, do you want to tune my drums?" because I love drums a lot. He was so awesome. He was already killing it on the drums and he was 15. It was great. Once they had some people from MTV come to a show and the bass player asked me to use my wireless because they had cables but they wanted to do that spin that the bass player was doing off the guitar player’s back. I let him use my wireless so he could do the spin properly.

Chuck: That record came out a few months after that tour and I think our fans—all the Simple Plan fans are open-minded and love to hear new music and new bands. Right after that we took the Plain White T’s right before they had their big break so that was cool.

David: We break a lot of bands. Hayley was already such a great performer, even then.

Chuck: All of them. When they played, fans responded. They got their first fans off playing live. Just like us, when we played our first shows opening for Sugar Ray, they were in the same position. The label went to Sugar Ray and asked them a favor…then we opened up for the Bosstones because we could play live. If you can pull off the songs, kids will say "Who's that band? What’s their record? I want buy that shirt." That’s how it’s organically done.

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The Wonder Years

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

Dan Campbell, singer: We have distinct memories with the band. We actually just played with them in New Jersey. The first time we got to go on tour with New Found Glory was because Paramore were on tour with them. Paramore had to fly to England to do Reading and Leeds, so we got to do these off shows with New Found Glory for like a week. After that we were driving home and the New Found guys said, "Why don't you come by the Paramore show?" and just meeting them and seeing just how nice and genuine they were was awesome. This is a band that's bigger than any band I've ever met in my life. They're on a full arena tour. There are fireworks. They put on this incredible set and they're still the most incredible, humble people. Hayley is a fireball, a tour de force, honestly the best frontwoman of any band. The best front-person of any band I've ever seen. She's truly the top of the top, even then.

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Pierce the Veil

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

Jaime Preciado, bassist: I remember seeing the video for their very first single when I was at home one day and thought, "This band is awesome. This is the first girl-fronted band that rocks." And I remember after that, you couldn't have a girl fronted band without people comparing it to Paramore because they were just that good. I think they did a lot for what they're doing and I'm really stoked for them. It's awesome.

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New Found Glory

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

Chad Gilbert, guitarist (and fiancé to Hayley Williams): I remember the first time I heard All We Know is Falling, Jordan [Pundik, NFG frontman] played it for me and I didn't like it. We were making Coming Home and I was like, "What is this? I don't like this." It eventually grew on me. We were making Coming Home, driving around in the car in Malibu and Jordan was playing. Now I like it. I've seen the light.

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Taking Back Sunday

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

Adam Lazzara, singer: I can't believe that record came out 10 years. John has a story!

John Nolan, guitarist: When I was in band called Straylight Run, it was around the time their first record came out, they were opening up for a tour that we were on with Simple Plan. They were a little baby band. People were just starting to catch on to them. We were watching them and thought, "These guys are going to be huge." In a year they were so much bigger than us. Of course that was going to happen! They were amazing. You could just tell right from the beginning they were going places. Those kids were going places.

Adam: Good heads on their shoulders.

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A Day to Remember

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

Kevin Skaff, guitarist: I bought the couch that they're sitting on from the album cover. The actual cover. I'm kidding! I don't own the couch; I want the couch. It's probably in the Rock Hall museum. I love that record. The first time I saw Paramore they were on My American Heart's headlining tour, way back in the day. They were traveling in a SUV with their dad. We asked them to come party with us with My American Heart in Minneapolis. They were like, "We gotta drive to the next show." Then they just fucking exploded. Now they're the phenomenon they are today. It's amazing and I wish them all the best.

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State Champs

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

Derek Discanio, singer: All We Know is Falling! That was probably one of the first records I got into, obviously by Paramore because it was their first record. I remember listening to it for the first time when I was at Disney World. I would always have earbuds in when I was on roller coasters in Disney World listening to "Pressure" and "Whoa."

Tyler Szalkowski, guitarist: "Pressure" was definitely my MySpace song at some point.

Derek: "Emergency" is still one of my favorite songs to this day. I'm excited for them. Ten years, that blew by!

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