July 24, 2015


Pierce the Veil on Guitarist Tony Perry's Return After Hospitalization

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse
Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

Pierce the Veil have been dominating the main stage at Warped Tour all summer, so it was especially interesting (mostly weird) to see the guys all suited up on the 2015 Alternative Press Music Awards red carpet. The band were beyond stoked to be there, mostly because it marked the return of guitarist Tony Perry. The musician was hospitalized earlier this year while mountain biking and is super ready to get back onstage. 

You guys look so sharp and you just came from Warped Tour.

Jaime Preciado, bassist: Thanks! What day is it? We got to take a shower today. It's a milestone.

How's that going?

Vic Fuentes, singer: It's the most intense Warped we've ever done. We've been missing Tony, though. This is actually his first day back with us since he got injured.

How's recovery?

Tony Perry, guitarist: I'm doing really good! I'm stoked to be out here.

You get to go to a nice party before they destroy your body on Warped.

Tony: Exactly.

Who are you guys most excited to see?

Vic: I'm so excited to see Weezer. They've been one of my favorite bands forever. They're a huge inspiration to me since the Blue album.

Mike Fuentes, drummer: I'm excited to see Rob Zombie. I'm a fan of his music but also his movies. I just kind of want to shake his hand. I saw a picture of him and he's wearing a very cool hat. Great hat.

Jaime: What do you think [Slipknot's] Corey Taylor is going to be wearing? Do you think a mask?

No, he's a handsome man. He doesn't need to cover that up.

Jaime: You're right. His masks are so scary.

Vic: It's like he turned his face inside out.

Rob Zombie is up for the Vanguard award. Who should win next year?

Vic: Freaking....AFI?

Tony: Davey Havok. Give it to Davey Havok! Dude has been doing it since I don't know when.