July 28, 2015


'Reading Rainbow' Is Headed to Netflix

Ben Horton/FilmMagic
Ben Horton/FilmMagic

It's a good year to revisit the past. From the return of Digimon to a new Dragon Ball series, feeling nostalgic for your childhood is, like, so totally in right now.

Next in the popularity of "Remember '80s/'90s?" is Reading Rainbow. The beloved (educational!) program hosted by LeVar Burton is headed to Netflix.

This, of course, means you're about to start reading more. (Or just...streaming more old episodes on your laptop while you Gchat down in the corner.)

Next time you're at your local Hot Topic, considering buying that Reading Rainbow shirt; you'll finally have a reason to take the plunge. Or, for an alternate nostalgia play, you could always pull a Little Mix and channel The Craft with your best "Black Magic."