July 14, 2015


Some Saint Made a Rihanna-Themed Version of Classic Mobile Game 'Snake'


If you owned that Nokia cell phone everyone owned, you played Snake. Maybe just once, five, ten times. Maybe (cough) every single morning as soon as you woke up for like a year until you finally got 1,000 points. For those not in the know, it's a game that takes place in a box; you're a snake and you worm your way around the box eating apples, growing in length, and avoiding bombs/the edge of the box depending on the version. That's it.

There's a Rihanna version of that game now. A Rihanna Snake game. Set to "Bitch Better Have My Money." With "Bitch Better Have My Money" imagery. Because the world is good and the internet is great. In this one you eat dolla dolla bills instead of measly gray apples.

So you need to go play that now, courtesy of NSS magazine. Say bye-bye to your day, apologize to your boss later, then send her the link so she can repeat that pattern for herself.

Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" dropped back in March and lit some flames with a few dynamite performances, but it's seen a summer resurgence with the loco, murder-happy music video. Korn even gave it a frigging metal makeover.

We still have no idea when Rih's eighth album, possibly titled R8, is coming. Here's everything we do know, though. (We know a lot.)