July 24, 2015


Rob Zombie Takes Home APMA Vanguard Award, Wants Billy Joel to Win

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse
Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

Of all the famous folk on the red carpet at the second annual Alternative Press Music AwardsRob Zombie was the biggest. It was evident all the bands around him were in awe of the metal icon...which also meant we only had a few seconds to chat with the guy. In that time we learned new music is on the way, and he was totally honored to get the Vanguard Award, one highlighting his contributions to rock 'n' roll.

You're getting the Vanguard Award, that's pretty exciting stuff!


After you receive the honor, who do you think should get it next year?

Who got it last year?

Billy Corgan.

Next year, Billy Joel. He's done enough to deserve it.

You're second person to tell me that today!

Oh, ok. Leon Russell. Let's give it to Leon Russell. 

For a lot of the acts here, you're one of the first musicians they really loved.

It's weird. It's cool. I never know what I have or haven't ushered in, but it's cool.

What's next for you? Should we expect new music anytime soon?

We have a new record that will be out early next year. It's finished.