July 24, 2015


Sleeping With Sirens Discuss Youth Rebellion Anthem "Kick Me"

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse
Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

Sleeping with Sirens are gearing up for a massive fall tour with everyone's favorite pop-punk band All Time Low, but before they hit they're road, the guys were cleaning house at the Alternative Press Music Awards in Cleveland, Ohio. The post-hardcore act took home the coveted Song of the Year award for their banger "Kick Me." The single is meant to inspire all those who feel like outsiders, so we asked the band to detail their intentions with it. 

"Kick Me" feels like an anthem for kids who feel like misfits, as does a lot of your band's repertoire. How intentional is that when you're writing?

Nick Martin, guitar: I think from [singer] Kellin [Quinn]'s point of view, he's really good at tapping into...not necessarily a younger generation, he's really good at taping into his younger self. He's really good at bringing all those emotions out, whether it's current to what he's going through. He's really good at honing in on what's going on with society around us. I'm sure that song is definitely relatable to the younger generation. I think he did a great job. It's a song anyone can relate to. At any age you go through a lot of shit. Doesn't matter if you're a teenager, if you're an adult, we go through shit on a daily basis. I think it's relatable for any age demographic. That's the beauty of the song.

Congrats on the new record, it did really well. You worked with Goldfinger's John Feldmann on that. What was it like?

Justin Hills, bass: He is intense!

Jack Fowler, guitar: It is a record we listened to when it was done and we'll never go to anyone else. I personally will never work with anyone else.

Nick: We all feel that way.

Jack: I feel so confident with the record. I feel so comfortable and confident with him. I don't know if we'll ever work with anyone else.