July 16, 2015


Instagram Celeb The Fat Jewish Signs Modeling Deal

Michael Stewart/GC Images
Michael Stewart/GC Images

If you're not one of the five million people following him on Instagram, Josh Ostrovsky (a.k.a. @TheFatJewish) is creating a mini-empire with his must-follow, oh-so-viral, absolutely ridiculous social media account. After already working on TV projects (with Amazon and Comedy Central), landing a book deal (Money Pizza Respect is out in October) and launching a wine line called White Girl Rosé, he's now taking his mobile fame to the modeling world.

@TheFatJewish is the latest signee to One Management agency—the same home to supermodels like Sports Illustrated cover girl Bar Refaeli and former Victoria's Secret angel Karolina Kurkova. So, yes, they are now in the same league of the 30-year-old who followers recently viewed him wearing a watermelon as a helmetwalking his pet dog in a Baby Bjorn carrier and being doused in rosé by Nicole Richie

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ostrovsky said that he's now on "a strict diet these days of nothing but carbohydrates." When asked about if he'll hit the runway anytime soon, he said, "Look for me on the runway during Fashion Week this September" before adding, "although the problem is that I hate walking." And regarding his ultimate Hollywood dream? "I hope to get uncomfortably famous, develop a raging drug problem, then spiral out of control and surround myself with people who only want to use me while simultaneously alienating people who actually love and care about me!" Fashion world, you've been warned. 

But in all seriousness, we need to give a "YASSSSSS KWEEEEEEEEN WERKKKKK" to Ostrovsky for further evolving and changing what the world "model" means and proving that limits do not exist.