July 1, 2015


Travis Barker & RiFF RAFF Share Warped Tour Track "Spazz Out"

Getty Images
Getty Images

The internet sure does have a way of predicting the future. In January of this year, immediately following the tragic dissolution of Blink-182 (okay, really, Tom DeLonge left but will we/pop-punk/the music industry ever be the same?) some folks started a petition for weirdo rapper Riff Raff to fill Tom's shoes. 

Today, we're one step closer to that reality. Blink drummer Travis Barker and Raff have teamed up on a new track, the aptly titled "Spazz Out." Listen here:

According to both camps the song was written specifically for Warped Tour, the traveling festival Riff Raff is currently playing. The song is fairly strange for both guys: Raff is singing a bit more than usual, and Barker is producing a tune that moves from straightforward brat punk to speedy, synthy dance music. 

Once you've wrapped your brain around "Spazz Out," revisit some hot shots of Blink-182 back in the day when the world was okay and we were happy.