August 27, 2015


Hear 5 Seconds of Summer's New Song "Jet Black Heart" Right Now!

Debra L Rothenberg/FilmMagic
Debra L Rothenberg/FilmMagic

Update (8/27): 5 Seconds of Summer's latest song, "Jet Black Heart" has arrived. It's definitely a more mature sound from the guys, playing to their love of bands like Acceptance more so than Boys Like Girls. Guitarist Michael Clifford takes the lead, kicking the song off with "Everybody's got their demons / Even wide awake or dreaming." Listen to it right here, right now.

Fun fact: Peep the writing credit and you'll see this is a Malum tune (for you non-fans, that means Michael and bassist Calum Hood wrote the thing) alongside David Hodges of Evanescence fame.

Original Story (8/26): As we await Sounds Good Looks Good, the second album from our beloved 5 Seconds of Summer, we here at Fuse are busy putting together all the pieces, from our complete guide to our in-depth look at "Permanent Vacation." We've since been given the powerhouse single "She's Kinda Hot" and the All Time Low-channeling, "Fly Away"; we couldn't be more pleased with both.

Today it appears the 5SOS boys are revving us up with another new number, "Jet Black Heart." It'll drop Thursday and you can hear a snippet of it now. Get excited!

The band tweeted the song title in emoji form (so cute!) and later named it, linking to their iTunes account and sharing an image of the lyrics "Everybody's got their demons / Even wide awake or dreaming." 

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