August 5, 2015


Adam McKay Is Making 'Archie' Into a Broadway Musical

Archie The Musical on Facebook
Archie The Musical on Facebook

Will Ferrell coconspirator Adam McKay—the writer/director behind Anchorman and Step Brothers, also one of the four scribes credited on Ant-Man—is bringing Archie to Broadway.

McKay did some theater in 2009, directing Ferrell's one-man George W. Bush show You're Welcome America, and he's obviously done the musical scenes in Anchorman and the sequel. This, however, is a whole other box of crackers. Variety writes that McKay will write the book but hasn't been announced as the director. McKay and Ferrell's Funny or Die "will serve as presenting partner."

McKay made a quick statement about the project:

Archie represents a bygone era of America. And like all bygone eras, there are elements we miss and elements that should be bygone. This will be a musical that deals with both those realities in a bright, colorful and slightly demented way.” 

And that's all we know about Archie Andrews' trip to Broadway. That and the fact that there's already a website, Instagram, YouTube channel and Facebook for the show. Meanwhile the CW is developing an Archie pilot, Riverdale, and the comic just got a relaunch (and mind-boggling makeover) drawn by Saga's Fiona Staples and written by Mark Waid (Daredevil, The Flash).