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Warped 2015

Blessthefall Recall the 5 Craziest Warped Tour 2015 Moments

Wanna know what it's like to do the full Warped summer circuit? Blessthefall frontman Beau Bokan tells all

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Mud Fight!

We played in Maryland, which is pretty much Baltimore, in front of the stage was massive mud-pit. When I saw it, in the morning when all the stage trucks were getting stuck in it, I thought "There's no way people are going to come watch us play in this freaking mud pit." 

I [get on stage and yell,] "Everyone pick up a handful of mud, and when this song starts, throw it up in the air." They just decided to throw it at me and at the band. The entire stage was just submerged in mud, our gear, our cabs, all of us, everyone was super bummed. Green Day did it. There are bands that have done it. They rolled around in it; they took it for what it was. At the end of the day I went back and talked to the stage managers and they were all cool. We bought them some alcohol and some Oreos and apologized. They have to clean the whole thing up and we don't. I was like "I can't wait to see the Twitvids."

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Bike Gang With PVRIS

It's kind of topic secret but it's called the Lone Rangers Bike Squad. It started off me and Lynn (of PVRIS) just cruising around then we figured our gang needed to grow so we recruited some outsiders. We had a couple people from August Burns Red, Jason and Jade, who are their crew guys who are really good friends with us, their photographer, Connor who is their sound guy and Eric who is my guitar player, Justin their drummer. The crew started growing. Everyone saw how awesome we were, rolling through Warped Tour everyday and they just wanted to be part of it. 

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Extreme Climbing

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That was in Toronto. It was at this really crazy stage setup with all these poles and rafters and scaffolding. All of our stages are kind of normal and boring, but for some reason we were at this crazy obstruction and I thought, "You know what? Let's make a show out of it." I decided to climb up it really high then I kept going and I was up there. I finished up the set up there. I usually will climb up something if there is something to do that with.

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Winning the Charity Bowling Tournament

@beaubokan on Instagram

We won the annual Warped Tour bowling tournament. We beat every single band on Warped Tour and won. It's for charity, but it's also for pride because we came in third a couple years ago. We were like "There's no f*cking way we're losing." We didn't train, but we just thought about bowling a lot about and got good at it.

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Prank War With Pierce The Veil

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Pierce the Veil came and stole our [bowling] trophy out of the back of our trailer that we had mounted up in this nice little shrine thing that we had made for it. They thought it would be funny to try and steal it so Eric [of Blessthefall] stole their Xbox immediately. That kind of evened things out and they didn't want any more pranks. They were over it. They came in [to our bus] like, "All rright, jokes over, here's your trophy. Can we get our Xbox back?" We put them in their place. We're sure they won't be pranking us any time soon.

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