August 14, 2015


Blessthefall Recall the 5 Craziest Warped Tour 2015 Moments

#1Mud Fight!

We played in Maryland, which is pretty much Baltimore, in front of the stage was massive mud-pit. When I saw it, in the morning when all the stage trucks were getting stuck in it, I thought "There's no way people are going to come watch us play in this freaking mud pit." 

I [get on stage and yell,] "Everyone pick up a handful of mud, and when this song starts, throw it up in the air." They just decided to throw it at me and at the band. The entire stage was just submerged in mud, our gear, our cabs, all of us, everyone was super bummed. Green Day did it. There are bands that have done it. They rolled around in it; they took it for what it was. At the end of the day I went back and talked to the stage managers and they were all cool. We bought them some alcohol and some Oreos and apologized. They have to clean the whole thing up and we don't. I was like "I can't wait to see the Twitvids."

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