August 5, 2015


Stream Chance the Rapper and Lil B's 'Free: Based Freestyles Mixtape'

It's only been two months since we got Surfthe $0 album by Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment, a Chicago collective featuring Chance the Rapper. It's still in heavy rotation, but that's no surprise when we can say the same for Chance's two-year-old Acid Rap mixtape.

So it sorta feels like we're dreaming to say write these words, but Chance and the stream-of-consciousness sorcerer Lil B have dropped the mixtape they teased only two weeks ago. It's called Free: Based Freestyles Mixtape. For those keeping score at home, Chance has still never released a project that cost a dime, and he still hasn't signed with a label.

Listen up top; it's six songs, 36 minutes, and there's a seven-minute track and a nine-minute one. As always, thank you, BasedGod.

"Conceived from magic, love, acid and bases," Chance wrote on Instagram, going on to drop the real bomb: "We made this the moment we met." On "Do My Dance," Chance hypes B as "most mixtapes ever listened to in the world, most positive, most loving, most caring, most eclectic, most intellectual artist."

The BasedGod and the Rapper aren't the only ones on the tape, either; we're still sifting through, but did catch the excellent NoName Gypsy on the first track.

Have fun with Free; there's no way you can't.