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Fall Preview

35 Most Anticipated Fall 2015 Albums

The temperature and the leaves are beginning to drop...and so is a ton of awesome music

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The Wonder Years, 'No Closer to Heaven'

Pop's brightest stars plot shiny returns, metal legends shred again, discovery acts aim to win our hearts—here are Fuse's must-listen records coming up this season.

 Release Date: September 4

Why We're Excited: The Wonder Years told Fuse that No Closer to Heaven is the release they're most proud of, saying they wouldn't put the thing out if they didn't completely love it. A quick listen to "Cardinals" makes it hard for us to disagree—this is the guys at their most dynamic. The LP's something of a concept album, closely documenting the loss of a loved one. If you're still looking for that one record that will carry you into the new year, look no further. —Maria Sherman

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Iron Maiden, 'The Book of Souls'

Release Date: September 4

Why We're Excited: Other than the fact that it's the metal messiahs' first album since singer Bruce Dickinson recovered from a cancerous tumor found on his tongue? And besides the little datum that it's the act's first studio album in five years, and their first double LP ever, and that it's got an 18-minute song, the longest of their career? Besides all that, we're excited simply because it's effing MAIDEN. —Zach Dionne 

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The Dear Hunter, 'Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise'

Release Date: September 4

Why We're Excited: In 2011, the omnivorous prog rock project known as the Dear Hunter dropped a nine-EP series, The Color Spectrum, with each disc focusing on a single specific hue; we were forever hooked. Casey Crescenzo's genius announced itself before, though, with the first three parts of a planned six-chapter conceptual über-album. The constantly deepening narrative continues with Act IV, and based on the down-and-out place Act III left our unnamed hero, we're dying to hear what comes next. —Zach Dionne

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Diät, 'Positive Energy'

Release Date: September 4

Why We're Excited: For a few years, Diät were everyone's favorite post-punk act that didn't really seem to exist. The band was birthed in Berlin, comprised of members from Melbourne, Australia—and it's hard to tour when you're dealing with different time zones and hemispheres. This time around, the group will release their debut full-length. If it's anything like the seven-inches they dropped on Iron Lung Records last year, it's going to be great. —Maria Sherman

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Prince, 'HitNRun'

Release Date: September 7

Why We're Excited: It's only been a year since Prince dropped two albums, Art Official Age (one of our favorites of 2014) and Plectrumelectrum, and there's no reason to believe the recently announced HitNRun will be any less delectably Prince-ly. The legend's soon-to-be-legendary band, 3rdEyeGirl, told the BBC in July: 

"Super hardcore Prince fans that know every song he's ever recorded—we refer to them as 'The Purple Collective' or 'The Purple Army'—this album is absolutely for them, because it's super funky."

Interestingly/frustratingly, HitNRun will arrive only on Jay Z's streaming service, Tidal, where Prince's entire catalog recently migrated on exclusive terms. —Zach Dionne 

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Bring Me the Horizon, 'That's the Spirit'

Release Date: September 11

Why We're Excited: Bring Me the Horizon were responsible for ushering in a certain metalcore sound in the mid-to-late aughts, bringing heavy sounds and marrying them with melancholic melody. They've continued in that tradition for the last couple of years, eventually finding a home in a more radio rock-friendly sound. It's what That's the Spirit, their first major label release, will be all about. BMTH's world takeover is nigh! —Maria Sherman

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Slayer, 'Repentless'

Release Date: September 11

Why We're Excited: The overlords of the thrash underworld have never gone this long—six years—without an album, and they've never released anything without founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who died in 2013. Mercifully, the three new Slayer songs we've heard sound like the band's more energized than they've been since 2001's God Hates Us All, which also dropped on September 11. (The September 11; rough timing on that one.) Repentless is drummer alum Paul Bostaph's first record with the band since that 2001 gem, which is guaranteed to yield greatness. —Zach Dionne 

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Duran Duran, 'Paper Gods'

Release Date: September 11

Why We're Excited: Are we supposed to feel excited about a Duran Duran album in 2015? Who cares—we’re gonna get psyched anyway. The ‘80s rockers’ first album in five years features production from Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson, which bodes incredibly well—after all, each were partially responsible for the best throwback hits of 2013 and 2014 (“Get Lucky,” “Uptown Funk”), respectively. Plenty of guests, from former Chili Pepper John Frusciante to Kiesza to Lindsay Lohan (!), and tops so far is lead single “Pressure Off,” a funk odyssey captained by Simon LeBon, Rodgers and the always-welcome Janelle Monáe—Kevin Rutherford

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Lana Del Rey, 'Honeymoon'

Release Date: September 18

Why We're Excited: Lana fans have come to expect a new album from the warbling diva about once a year now, and Honeymoon will keeps up her perfect track record. While last year's Ultraviolence brought out LDR's rockier and jazzier sides, Honeymoon should dive deeper down the jazz route (she said the album is inspired by Miles Davis), but we've also heard the songbird try out trap music on "High by the Beach." We're keen to find out what else is in store for this Honeymoon—Jeff Benjamin

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Destruction Unit, 'Negative Feedback Resistor'

Release Date: September 18

Why We're Excited: Destruction Unit formed long after frontman Ryan Rousseau’s departure from Jay Reatard’s band, but seem to take that energy and force it to contort to their whim: It’s inventive, collision-heavy punk. The Arizona band write songs that feel like effed-up manifestos, a man pontificating ideas of psychedelic communion. It’s unlike anything on this list, and is sure to continue in that tradition. Music for outsiders! —Maria Sherman

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Mac Miller, 'Good A.M.'

Release Date: September 18

Why We're Excited: As an independent MC, Mac Miller has delivered two extremely enjoyable and genre-exploring albums, with his debut disc Blue Slide Park going No. 1 when it dropped in 2011. For his third round, Mac signed with major label Warner Bros. The first taste of that partnership came via the ambitious "100 Grandkids" song and visual, indicating the dude hasn't lost his signature sound, penchant for super-honest lyrics nor thought-provoking music videos. —Jeff Benjamin

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Rudimental, 'We the Generation'

Release Date: September 18

Why We're Excited: It began with “Feel the Love,” Rudimental’s John Newman-featuring smash that topped the U.K. charts. Now the drum-and-bass duo is back with album two, and the sophomore slump is absolutely, positively not in effect here. The lead single, a redo of Ed Sheeran’s “Bloodstream,” crackles with an urgency not felt in the original, while “Rumour Mill” is punctuated with uplifting horns before descending into vocoder-led bliss. If the state of pop and its relationship with EDM in 2015 is any indication, Rudimental is poised for their U.S. breakthrough, no doubt. —Kevin Rutherford

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Robert DeLong, 'In the Cards'

Release Date: September 18

Why We're Excited: As far as radio rock/electronic crossovers go, Robert DeLong has stood tall among his peers thanks to “Long Way Down,” his No. 3-charting song on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. Now, after releasing an EP late last year, the Washingtonian breaks out with his sophomore release, In the Cards. Inquire within for a quick lesson on why DeLong’s penchant for electro-pop mastery coupled with a stronger focus on percussion—not to mention a solid vocal—will keep him on the airwaves this autumn. He's no flash in the pan, and new single “Don’t Wait Up” proves it. —Kevin Rutherford

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Atreyu, 'Long Live'

Release Date: September 18

Why We're Excited: Atreyu are back after a significant hiatus—their last LP was 2009's Congregation of the Damned. Fortunately, time apart hasn't softened the metalcore stalwarts, as evidenced by the title track off sixth album Long Live. The riffs are still guttural, Alex Varkatzas’ screams and growls dependably harsh, singing drummer Brandon Saller’s clean vocal a melodic diamond in the rough. Perhaps the genre isn’t the commercial treasure trove it once was, but the return of one of its biggest staple acts has to be a hotly anticipated release indeed. —Kevin Rutherford

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The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, 'Harmlessness'

Release Date: September 25

Why We're Excited: In a music world fascinated by the emo revival, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die have found themselves in an interesting situation. Where this music has historically lived in basements and in very specific corners of the internet, they're now finding the opportunity to appeal to broarder, indie fan-bases. We'll be watching to see how it pans out in the future, but for now, it’s a good listen. —Maria Sherman

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Disclosure, 'Caracal'

Release Date: September 25

Why We're Excited: How do you follow up one of the most talked-about electronic music debuts in recent memory, one that was led by an inescapable single starring a then-lesser-known Sam Smith? Simple: You call up Sam Smith again. Caracal would have been a hotly anticipated release in its own right, but once the Smith-featuring “Omen” hit the Internet last month, two things were clear: an entire Smith-Disclosure EP is exceedingly necessary, and Caracal represents a step forward for the Lawrence brothers, a further honing of their house revivalism for a new generation. Prepare to bliss out. —Kevin Rutherford

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New Order, 'Music Complete'

Release Date: September 25

Why We're Excited: New Order album that features Killers frontman Brandon Flowers may make the most sense of anything in 2015. But Flowers isn’t the only special guest here: Iggy Pop manifests on “Stray Dog,” while La Roux vocalist Elly Jackson features on two different tracks, not to mention some production from Tom Rowlands of the Chemical Brothers. Does it make up for the loss of Peter Hook from the lineup? It’s certainly a start. —Kevin Rutherford

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Kurt Vile, 'b'lieve i'm goin down'

Release Date: September 25

Why We're Excited: Kurt Vile’s former band, the War on Drugs, just may have upstaged him in popularity the past few years. For the 35-year-old to take back the throne, he’s going all over the place musically—or so he projected in a Spin interview in March. Among the possibilities: “banjo songs." Be that as it may, if lead song “Pretty Pimpin” is any indication, diehard Vile fans who’ve grown accustomed to his spaced-out indie rock will be quite pleased. —Kevin Rutherford

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Parkway Drive, 'Ire'

Release Date: September 25

Why We're Excited: A decade ago, the Aussie metalcore act showed up with Killing With a Smile, sounding uncomfortably close to the breakdown-happy Americans in Unearth. Parkway Drive has matured and found its own lane—still pleasantly indebted to Gothenberg's melodic death metal forefathers, but with more of an individual flavor—and lead Ire singles "Vice Grip" and "Crushed" are masterfully structured and as ready for the hard rock crowd as the satanic mosh squads. —Zach Dionne 

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The Dead Weather, 'Dodge & Burn'

Release Date: September 2015, TBA

Why We're Excited: Whether it’s as the frontman, the co-frontman or the solo guy, Jack White is used to holding down the general frontal area of any stage, which is what makes his work with the Dead Weather always intriguing. He’s the drummer here, and he’s not always the vocal focal point, giving way to Alison Mosshart. 2015 brings the quartet’s third album, and though an official single hasn’t been tendered, a string of 2013-2014 cuts indicate something swell is afoot. Plus, White’s found quite the acclaim with his last two solo releases, and he’s producing this one. Hard to argue with that kind of hot hand. —Kevin Rutherford

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Avicii, 'Stories'

Release Date: October 2

Why We're Excited: Avicii's debut full-length, 2013's True, brought EDM to places it hadn't been as he mashed in genres like bluegrass, country and funk for one of the most ambitious dance LPs in recent history. Its follow-up, Stories, looks to follow a similarly exciting path with the likes of Billie Joe ArmstrongZac Brown Band and Wyclef Jean featured on the rumored 24-song tracklist. —Jeff Benjamin

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Children of Bodom, 'I Worship Chaos'

Release Date: October 2

Why We're Excited: Guitarist Roope Latvala left the Finnish metal masters earlier this year after 12 years on the team, meaning we're about to hear our first Bodom record written entirely by elfin frontman/Avril Lavigne doppelgänger/guitar solo sorcerer Alexi Laiho. CoB have never flagged in intensity or in making keyboards sound supremely badass, so we're banking on this one to get our heads a-bangin'. Also: Jaska Raatikainen recorded his drums in a warehouse \m/ —Zach Dionne

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Deafheaven, 'New Bermuda'

Release Date: October 2

Why We're Excited: What will New Bermuda, the third album from black-metal-with-a-hint-of-shoegaze five-piece Deafheaven, sound like? At this point, it could go anywhere—after all, the minute-long teaser precisely typifies the band’s music: Atmospheric guitar strums giving way to a gnarled cacophony of pummeling electric guitar, bass and drums. Main reason we’re pumped? Sunbather was one of 2013’s best albums of any genre. No pressure or anything. —Kevin Rutherford

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Eagles of Death Metal, 'Zipper Down'

Release Date: October 2

Why We're Excited: Eleven tracks of fun, ultra tongue-in-cheek bawdiness are on their way from Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme and one of his musical BFF’s Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes in the form of the pair’s first Eagles of Death Metal album in seven years, “Zipper Down.” When first single, “Complexity,” and the purposely goofball-sexy album cover dropped, Homme called the record “an eargasm trapped inside a crazerbeam.”

It’s looking like that translates to some amusing, straight-ahead rock 'n' roll from singer Hughes and drummer Homme, stuff that won't take itself too seriously. Keep an ear out especially for the Duran Duran cover in the mix (“Save A Prayer”). And if you can manage to snag a ticket, EODM are touring North American clubs beginning August 26. Homme’s been busy behind the mic for his Beats 1 radio show Alligator Hour show this summer, but he’s hinted that he will indeed pop in here and there during the tour to man the kit. —Jessica Letkemann

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Selena Gomez, 'Revival'

Release Date: October 9

Why We're Excited: Stars Dance from 2013 was Selena's first project as a solo artist (without her band, known as Selena Gomez & the Scene) and produced some sparkling dance-pop gems. Her sophomore outing seems to have a dance edge to it (with Zedd producing some tracks), but also goes in new directions as evidenced by the hip hop-friendly lead single "Good for You," featuring A$AP Rocky. Not only does the new cut's sound indicate a more mature look for Gomez, its accompanying video shed any Disney princess connection the starlet may have had with a steamy shower scene. Revival will be her first release not under Disney-operated Hollywood Records, which could very well mean we'll see an entirely new side of Selena Gomez. —Jeff Benjamin

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Mayday Parade, 'Black Lines'

Release Date: October 9

Why We're Excited: Before A Lesson in Romantics, the 2007 album that first put Mayday Parade on the map, a certain culture of harmonized melodies didn’t really prevail in pop-punk—not the way Mayday does it. After their breakout, bands suddenly really needed to know how to sing to enter the game. These guys have kept that smooth spirit alive in the following years, growing up but never forgetting what got them there. It’s what will make Black Lines a great album. —Maria Sherman

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State Champs, 'Around the World & Back'

Release Date: October 16

Why We're Excited: When they’re not sneaking into award shows or blasting Paramore on roller coasters, State Champs are responsible for fueling a new wave of pop-punk, one that’s poignant and vulnerable. When we asked guitarist Tyler Szalkowski about the band’s upcoming sophomore release, he told us it reflects the last year of the band’s jet-set life, and the realization that even though some aspects of your life could be on the up and up, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy. Too real! We can’t wait for the full thing. —Maria Sherman

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5 Seconds of Summer, 'Sounds Good Looks Good'

Release Date: October 23

Why We're Excited: Born in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia, 5 Seconds of Summer started as a group of four school-aged boys obsessed the pop-punk sounds of the early-aughts: Good CharlotteBlink-182All Time Low and their ilk. After a massive No. 1 debut album and a few gigs with One Direction, the 5SOS dudes have secured a unique space in the greater pop music climate. How that will live on their sophomore LP, Sounds Good Looks Good, has yet to be determined. Let's just hope for more like "She's Kinda Hot"! —Maria Sherman

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Little Mix, 'Get Weird'

Release Date: November 6

Why We're Excited: Little Mix's first two albums were packed full of pristine pop and R&B gems, and Get Weird looks like it could be their most enjoyable yet. Sugary lead single "Black Magic" is already the biggest hit of the girl group's career, spending three weeks at No. 1 in the U.K. and marking their highest-charting U.S. single ever. A tribal-inspired track, "Hair," looks to be just as irresistible, indicating that Little Mix have loads of pop treats up their sleeves for LP No. 3. —Jeff Benjamin

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Justin Bieber, TBD

Release Date: November 13 (rumored)

Why We're Excited: Let's be real. Who isn't psyched for new Justin Bieber material? Little Mix are pumpedSo is Ellen DeGeneres. Kendall Jenner's even advertising on the beach. Still untitled at the moment, the LP will be the pop star's first studio album in three and a half years, and social media has been in full support of lead single "What Do You Mean." The last time the world was this hyped about Biebs, he was getting his ass handed to him on a Comedy Central Roast. Let's hope this album not only shows the "Where Are Ü Now" singer's growth as a musician, but also as a person. —Tina Xu

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Release Date: TBA

Why We're Excited: It's been three years since BIGBANG released a full-length—an eternity in the quickly moving K-pop industry—and the guys look unlikely to disappoint with Made. The LP had a grand lead-up this summer with a whopping eight singles and seven music videos. The quintet is one of the few Korean acts to land an album on the Billboard 200, and after a summer of chart accomplishments akin to PSY, this record should be a major force to show the international power of one of Korea's most exciting music forces. —Jeff Benjamin

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Drake, 'Views From the 6'

ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 20: Drake performs at the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash Block Show at Philips Arena on June 20, 2015 in Atlanta,
Prince Williams/WireImage

Release Date: TBA

Why We're Excited: While there's always hype surrounding a new Drake album, Toronto's finest's recent beef with Meek Mill only escalated intrigue—can Drizzy bounce back from Meek's allegations that he uses ghostwriters? Can Views From the 6 top February's platinum-selling If You're Reading This It's Too Late? Will there be lots of guest features? Will the album even drop in 2015!? We do know that a Beyoncé collab is slated to make the tracklist, and Drake, who released his previous two studio albums in the fall, may very well drop Views during his home-season. (OVO, y'know.) (...October's Very Own, people.)

Pleeease, 6 God! Let us run through our cities with our woes sooner than later. —Tina Xu

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Janet Jackson, 'Unbreakable'

Release Date: TBA

Why We're Excited: The pop legend already made a super-smooth comeback with the bedroom joint "No Sleeep" and its assist from J.Cole. We're curious to see if the full-length will be more Velvet Rope or Discipline, but we won't complain either way—it's just amazing that Janet's back. —Jeff Benjamin

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Frank Ocean, 'Boys Don't Cry'

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 21: Singer Frank Ocean performs All Tomorrow's Parties Festival - Day 1 at Pier 36 on September 21,
S. Savenok/Getty Images

Release Date: TBA

Why We're Excited: Some Frocean fans have been upset that the alluded-to July release never happened. Extremely upset; thousands-of-thinkpieces-upset. But a meticulous audio auteur like Frank isn't someone we need a rushed sophomore LP from. That said, please don't make us wait past autumn, Frank. We've done our best to be patient, but we can't keep going to sleep tossing and turning as we wonder if your album will drop that night. —Zach Dionne 

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Demi Lovato, TBD

Release Date: TBA

Why We're Excited: Demi's said her new album represents her "badass" side with singles "Cool for the Summer" and "Confident" proving that and then some. The star's also indicated that the new LP will include everything from her soul influences to her love for metal, which could make this one of the most diverse and fascinating pop albums of the year. —Jeff Benjamin

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