August 18, 2015


Florence + the Machine's "Delilah" + Drake's "Back to Back" = Pure Glory

As a Meek Mill diss track, Drake's "Back to Back" is second only to Florence + the Machine's "Delilah." (If you heard the lyrics "It's a different kind of danger / And the bells are ringing out / And I'm calling for my mother / As I pull the pillars down" and didn't interpret them as a precognitive response to Meek's ghostwriting allegations against Drake, you weren't listening closely enough.) So it's no surprise, but certainly a pleasant development, that the audio/visual virtuoso known as Tesher undertook the task of mashing the two up.

Florence's "Delilah," off May's How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, is actually more of a charged-up track than Drake's Soundcloud one-off (which itself is more charged-up than the first Meek Mill diss track, "Charged Up"), so the combo works spendidly. Listen above, and download "Back to Delilah" at Audiomack.

The three-minute mark is when this thing really earns its place in Heaven's Collage Department, with footage of Drizzy gleefully performing the track live alongside Nicki Minaj snippets every time she—Meek Mill's significant other—is referenced. At the three-minute mark, Tesher's mashsterpiece hits a level of synchronicity that's got us thinking of Girl Talk's last album, 2010's All Day, which is always a good sensation.

And apparently, just for funsies, Tesher made a 20-second combo of "Back to Back" and Rick Astley's "The Rick Roll Song":