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10 Ways To Adopt Halsey's Style: A Guide To Being A Badass

You love her music and all that she represents, but learning the doctrine of Halsey is so much more than dying your hair cool colors or adopting a love of tattoos. Click through to learn the ins and outs of just what we love most about the pop singer!

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Learn From Your Teenage Influences

Halsey has said time and time again that her number one influence (as far as performing live goes) is Taking Back Sunday. More specifically, she's referring frontman Adam Lazzara, whose feminine and violent mic swings—around his neck, his stand, his arm...basically whatever and wherever he can twirl it—are iconic. Hal takes it and makes it her own. She sexualizes the moves, she makes them feel completely inventive and new. See? There's something to learn from your adolescence! 

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Flip the Script

When Halsey released the official Badlands edition of "Ghost," she was met with controversy. Her video, which depicts a PG-13 same sex love affair through a Lost in Translation lens (yeah, it's that cool) was deemed "pornographic." It's surprising because she made the same video with a heterosexual couple months prior. Not one to stand down, she immediately drew attend to the double standard of it all, taking what is a beautiful and sexy video and finding the sociopolitical importance of it.

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Especially when you know it'll prove people wrong

See what we mean? The first video is Halsey and a man, and was seen as sweet...though it's definitely much more provocative than the official version with a lesbian romance. She clearly knew what she was doing.

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Speak openly and honestly about all that moves you

To become the pop powerhouse that is Halsey, our girl had to learn to stop keeping her mouth shut. Women are too often expected to stay in line, apologize even something is not their fault...We struggle to believe that thought ever even crossed her mind. Of all the things that make her great, it's this tendency that makes her a role model.

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Don't be afraid to express yourself

LOS ANGELES - MARCH 11: Singer Halsey aka Ashley Frangipane performs onstage at the Troubadour on March 11, 2015 in Los Angel
Stephen Albanese/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Halsey is unapologetic, even when it comes to social media. Honest expression is her motivator!

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That extends to experimenting with personal style...

Getty Images

Heeeeeeeeeeello, it doesn't have to be all conceptual! Exploring your personal style will open you up to different perceptions of yourself, and that's the best. Just make sure you're not mimicking others or dressing for them.

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...and hair and makeup!

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If you feel confident enough, let that expand to hair! Chop it off, grow it long, become every version of yourself that you want to become.

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Recognize the power in vulnerability

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

The best thing any one human, artist or otherwise, can do is be honest. The thing that makes humans liars is a tendency towards defensiveness...putting yourself out there can be scary. Halsey is powerful and vulnerable and it's not unique to her: Try it, you'll succeed too.  

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Speak to what makes you marginalized in a white cis society

There's a certain power in being exoticized: Your life becomes endlessly political, your very existence challenges people. For Halsey, it's identifying as a feminist...powerful women threatened an institutionalized patriarchy, and she wants to make sure you're well aware.

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Be fearless

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

The ultimate source of self-confidence comes from not being afraid. How do you learn to not give a damn about what people thing? You have to stop being scared of them. Do like Halsey! Flick 'em off and keep on moving.


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