August 5, 2015


Idris Elba Makes History as the First Man to Ever Cover 'Maxim'

Maxim/Biglari Holdings
Maxim/Biglari Holdings

Maxim magazine is known for its often raunchy, controversial covers—always featuring women, whether they're models, actresses, musicians or conventionally sexy randos. The only time men even come close to the spotlight is when some half-naked female body surrounds them. Today, that changes.

Idris Elba, the acclaimed English actor (American Gangster, The Wire, Luther) graces the cover of the mag's September issue.

It's huge news since he's the first man to ever get the gig. But we have to ask, why is he so covered up? If we expect women to shed their clothing, why isn't Elba flaunting his bod?

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