August 6, 2015


Preview Jimmy Eat World Frontman Jim Adkins' New Solo Song, "Hell"

Arizona rock act Jimmy Eat World has been operating at a steady three-albums-per-year clip since breaking out in 2001 with Bleed American and "The Middle." The last LP was 2013's Damage, a release that frontman Jim Adkins described to Rolling Stone as "an adult breakup record."

This summer, the 39-year-old Adkins did a monthlong solo acoustic tour of North America. In tandem with the live run, Jim's been rolling out a six-song series, one jam per week. Tomorrow—Friday, Aug. 7—we'll get the penultimate song, "Hell," and today Fuse has an exclusive preview. Listen above, and read what Jim Adkins has to say about it here:

"'Hell' is about how no amount of wishing or wanting is going to change reality. Acceptance can be difficult to arrive at, especially when you add the uncertainty of the future. Besides that, it’s kind of a stomper. I wanted it to feel like the 'French Mistake' scene from Blazing Saddles...all hell breaking loose at the end."

Adkins' solo music so far has been largely acoustic, with flashy, album-worthy studio flourishes (horns!) and that smooth voice we know from our time with Jimmy Eat World. The first four cuts—"I Will Go," "Love Don't Wait," a take on Beck's "Don't Act Like Your Heart Isn't Hard" and an Everly Brothers cover ("Give Me a Sweetheart")—are on iTunes and Spotify. "Hell" will be available via both outlets on Friday.

Jim also has a physical edition 7" series coming soon, pre-order-able here. Another option is subscribing to the six-song single series for a slick $6. The final tune, a cover of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" (YES!), is coming Aug. 14.