August 21, 2015


Praise the Pop Gods: JoJo Is Back With Three Incredible New Singles

It's a special day for pop fans ready to have one of the scene's criminally underrated divas back in their ears. Finally, JoJo—who you remember as the teen who broke out with "Leave (Get Out)" and "Too Little Too Late"—is free from her terrible record label and has put out her first new music under Atlantic Records. We're happy to report it's been more than worth the wait.

Coming hard out the gate with three singles—or a "tringle," as she's deemed them—JoJo's new tracks prove she can still expertly toe the line between big pop tunes and soul-shaking R&B, while bringing some fresh house and '80s influences to her sound.

The first tune is "When Love Hurts" (above); it sounds primed to take over pop radio soon. Pounding pianos blend with fizzy synthesizers to back Jo's powerful delivery before building to an irresistible, house-inspired dance breakdown.

Next we have "Save My Soul," which opens with quiet percussion and keys before exploding into the relentless chorus with heavy synths that hit in a similar way to Sia's "Chandelier" or Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" did. JoJo showcases some of her biggest and most impressive vocal jumps to date.

The last one's "Say Love." The cut opens as a minimal, drum 'n' bass piece before a chorus of powerful drums back JoJo's belts as she begs a lover to quit slinging meaningless compliments. 

While the production and vocals are on point, what may be most important about these tracks is the honest songwriting that's kept fans supporting JoJo after nearly a decade of being blocked from releasing her third album. From perfectly detailing frustrations of two combative lovers on "When Love Hurts" ("You're getting off testing my patience 'til it's gone / But then again, I do the same thing / And neither one will ever say we've had enough") to vulnerable pleas on "Say Love" ("If you really care for me say love / When I say 'love you' / You just say 'me too'"), this #tringle shows JoJo should not be counted out of the game despite how long she's been away from it.