August 21, 2015


Spin "Terrence Loves You," Lana Del Rey's Gorgeous New Ballad

Lana Del Rey keeps the chatter over her upcoming Honeymoon high by releasing a new song "Terrence Loves You" from the upcoming album, alongside the LP's pre-order.

Following the dreamy "Honeymoon" and the trap-inspired "High by the Beach," the latest tune is the most tender of the bunch. At its core, it's a classic ballad where Lana romantically hums about loving music despite losing a significant other—presumably a musician and presumably named Terrence—but there's no mention of a name here. "But I lost myself when I lost you / But I still got jazz when I've got those blues / And I lost myself when I lost you / And I still get trashed, darling, when I hear your tunes," she beautifully croons on the chorus.

"Terrence Loves You" further positions Lana as one of the lounge singers she often emulates, with soft strings and subtle brass backing her for what feels like her most effortless vocal performance to date.

Honeymoon drops in mid-September. Check out everything we know about the LP so far including its cover art, collaborators, tracklist and more right here.