August 31, 2015


Miley Cyrus Performs New Album Cut "Dooo It!" at 2015 VMAs

Of course the VMAs weren’t going to end without a performance from Miley Cyrus. They just couldn’t—not when she had a new surprise album to drop.

The singer, who hosted MTV’s big show this year, claimed at the beginning of the telecast that she thought MTV gave her the hosting gig so that she wouldn’t perform. Whether or not there was any truth to the statement, it didn’t matter, as Cyrus trotted out a brand new song, “Dooo It!” with help from Wayne Coyne and the rest of the Flaming Lips.

“Yeah, I smoke pot,” she sang on the chorus of “Dooo It!” “Yeah, I love peace / But I don’t give a fuck / I ain’t no hippie.” (Why's it called the Happy Hippie Foundation, though, Miley?)

And off she went, sometimes singing, sometimes shouting, always flanked by a myriad of brightly dressed dancers, with choice lyrics like, “Feel like I am one with the universe / And all I need is right here,” in case you’re wondering what a song where one disowns hippiedom would be about.

By its end, "Dooo It!" had morphed multiple times from its original state, though the result was often teeming, pulsating electro-pop. Coyne arrived to shoot confetti from between Cyrus’ legs, too. Get ready for a trip to GIF City...

“Dooo It” is the first track off Cyrus’ new album Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz, a 23-song odyssey uploaded to Soundcloud immediately after the performance. How’s that for a surprise? (P.S.: Big Sean and Ariel Pink and Mike WiLL Made-It show up.)