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9 Celebrity Myspace Musicians Then & Now

When scene queens ruled the land, the pre-Facebook social network was the place to discover new sounds. So what happened to all those artists you loved?

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Never Shout Never

Then: In 2007, Christofer Drew Ingle was 16 years old living in Missouri, writing emo acoustic songs under the moniker nevershoutnever! He quickly became "MySpace famous" (you know, internet fame before Vine, YouTube, Instagram and everything that followed). Three years later, he became Never Shout Never (so...no exclamation point, spaces betwixt the words), signed to Warner Bros., and the rest is history.

Now: He's still in the game! Never Shout Never acts as a full band instead of just Christofer Drew, and they're gearing up for their sixth studio album, Black Cat. Listen to the single, "Boom," here.

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Jeffree Star

Then: Jeffree Star was one of the first transgressive artists to hit the MySpace scene (think 2006) using the platform to further both his fashion and music career as a gender-bending icon. For many, it was that his appearance was so attractive—but he was progressive, inviting, and sang about plastic surgery and cupcakes. 

Now: Beauty is still a major passion for Star, and he's since launched Jeffree Star Cosmetics. His 2014 song "Catwalk" is featured in the commercial.

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Then: We can blame MySpace for creating crunkcore, electro hip hop, all of those weird sub-genres. We can blame Millionaires for perfecting it. The teen trio started adopting the sound in 2007 and went on to become fairly well known on MySpace. They even played MTV's TRL.

Now: They're still active, but new tunes have yet to be released. The ladies have said they're looking to adopt an EDM sound. Not a bad move!

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Mickey Avalon

Then: Mickey Avalon owes a lot to MySpace dot com. In his teens, the rapper was addicted to heroin and used to prostitute himself in order to afford his addiction. It wasn't until he could use the site for success that his life completely changed.

Now: Mickey's taken breaks here and there but the guy is still performing—with dancers in sleazy clubs, just the way he likes it. 

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Then: In 2002, Sherwood filled the much needed indie rock void in MySpace music stardom. They were embraced by the pop-punk/emo world that was so popular at the time while very much remaining a rock band. They soon signed to MySpace Records and maintained a certain level of popularity in the mid-aughts.

Now: The band is no longer! They disbanded in 2010, promised a final record in 2012, but never delivered. Boooo!

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The Medic Droid

Then: In 2005, three boys met to become Medic Droid. In 2008 their single "Fer Sure" became one of the biggest songs on MySpace and, like Millionaries, helped front the crunkcore revolution. 

Now: The group is no longer active. They haven't posted anything online or released any statements since 2013. RIP TMD.

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Tila Tequila

Then: In the earliest days, Tila Tequila used MySpace to further her personal brand before we even knew what that concept was. She'd go on to stake her claim in the reality TV world (including Fuse's Pants-Off Dance-Off), but it was the social media site that let her do it. Oh, and she dated Smashing Pumpkins' frontman Billy Corgan once. Weird? Weird.

Now: Last year Tila gave birth to her first daughter and stared in a film, Annabelle. She's recently caused a bit of controversy after writing an article titled "Why I Sympathize with Hitler: Part I." It resulted in the deletion of her Facebook and removal of the post. It's since been reinstated. 

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Hollywood Undead

Then: The horrorcore-themed rap metal band was founded in sunny Los Angeles in 2005. They were one of the first bands that truly felt like a MySpace creation, eventually landing a deal with A&M/Octone Records. Their debut charted at No. 22 on the Billboard 200, which is totally absurd considering how totally absurd the group is.

Now: The band never stopped! They released their fourth studio album this year and have been touring. Keep on keeping on, boys!

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Then: How many times can we mention crunkcore? What about crunkcore with a post-hardcore/rap finish? Enter Brokencyde, the most confusing band of 2006.

Now: Ladies and gentlemen, the band lives. They haven't released any new material since 2011, but according to the 'net, the legacy will continue on forever.


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