August 13, 2015


Hear Music From Okilly Dokilly, A Ned Flanders-Themed Metal Band

Okilly Dokilly
Okilly Dokilly

Good news on International Left-Handers Day: a totally verifiable-as-existing metal band named for Leftorium owner Ned Flanders is here.

Not following? Five dudes from Phoenix are here to give us deserving, God-fearing mortals a metal band based on Flanders, one of the more beloved characters from The SimpsonsOkilly Dokilly is a play on Flanders’ catchphrase"Okely dokely"—he's the innocuous evangelical next-door neighbor of Homer Simpson, perhaps the man least likely to have a metal band named in his honor—with "kill" added for emphasis because, you know, metal and devil horns and all.

The quintet is made up of five different Neds: Head Ned (vocals), Stead Ned (guitar), Thread Ned (bass), Red Ned (synths) and Bled Ned (drums). All dress in the style of their inspiration. They even went on a Flanders-themed photo shoot, and the results are tremendous.

The "Nedal" band has not yet played a live show, though that's about to change next month, when Okilly Dokilly plays their first show on September 5 at The Trunk Space in Phoenix. A Bandcamp, however, already exists with four songs available for instant download. 

It should be noted that another Flanders-themed act once existed: Ned Zeppelin, a tribute band that performed in 2001 and 2002 at the Greenbelt festival in Great Britain. But in a world of YouTube and social media, we imagine this will be a bigger hit. Hi-dilly-ho!