August 7, 2015


Directioners Will Buy 1D's Next Album for Fans Who Can't Afford It

Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Here's one to warm your heart! The One Direction boys have been cooling it in Houston, Texas the last day or so, allegedly filming the music video for their latest, Zayn-less single, "Drag Me Down," at NASA. The song is truly out of this world, so it fits.

Today we've learned that the real news lives with their devoted fan base, the Directioners. The kids are planning on buying their upcoming fifth album (most likely 1D's last) for fans that can't afford it.

The campaign is called #GiftTheFifth and the goal is to buy so many records that the group sells 1 million copies in the first week. Take that, Taylor Swift!

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