August 6, 2015


The Pussycat Dolls Are Reuniting!

Sure the likes of Fifth HarmonyLittle Mix and 2NE1 are running the girl-group scene right now, but their predecessors are coming back: The Pussycat Dolls are reuniting!

According to a new interview with the group's initial creator Robin Antin, the "Don't Cha" dance troupe is just about ready to come together five years after disbanding. Antin says all the women from the original, six-member lineup (consisting of Nicole ScherzingerJessica SuttaMelody Thornton, Kimberly Wyatt, Ashley Roberts and Carmit Bachar) are onboard. She told England's Daily Mail

"I have spoken with all of the girls about it a lot and I truly believe that's going to happen in the very near future. I just spoke to Nicole and told her about this interview and she said, 'You can tell them I'm totally down for it''s just about timing and all of the different pieces of the puzzle coming together. I want it and the girls want it and everyone else wants it, then it's going to happen."

As you may recall, the Pussycat Dolls initially broke out in 2005 with their massive Busta Rhymes-featuring single "Don't Cha" that went No. 1 like everywhere. They released a slew of hit singles ("Buttons," "When I Grow Up," "Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)"), two Top 5 albums (2005's PCD and 2008's Doll Domination) and toured the world before alleged fighting and an overemphasis on Scherzinger reportedly tore them apart. 

Antin spoke about worries that could happen again:

"When people say, 'Oh the girls didn't get along,' well the truth is, we were all young and we all look back now and go, 'Wow, none of that mattered.' What matters is that we are still connected and we're still in touch and we all love each other...They were together 24/7 all the time and there were so many tough moments when I thought maybe they were going to separate, but they didn't. They stuck with it and they taught me so much."

So, grab your garter stockings and get ready to "loosen up your buttons, babe" because this generation's sexy girl group is coming back. In a perfect world, all six gals will get equal time to shine this time while still creating the irresistible pop bops.