August 31, 2015


Rick Ross Dropping 'Black Dollar' Album This Week, Shares "Foreclosures"

"Success is a precious jewel," Rick Ross raps on "Foreclosures," his brand new song released Monday. He might as well be saying: "Hope you cherished it while you had it, 50 Cent, you newly bankrupt nemesis, you."

Produced by rap heroes J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, the cut's got Rozay all alone and spitting nonstop about folks who wanna "publicize your demise." It's a comeback track, but it also feels like Ross is ready to talk about the shit he's been going through lately, slammed recently with arrests for marijuana possession and then for kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery. 

We'll find out if he's going to go there soon; Ross announced with the song that he's dropping Black Dollar on Thursday, September 3.

Rick Ross (@richforever) on Instagram
Rick Ross (@richforever) on Instagram

Will Black Dollar (cover art at your right) be a traditional album, like a follow-up to his March 2014/November 2014 double-uppercut, Mastermind and Hood Billionaire? If so, it'll be his eighth studio LP since showing up nine years ago with Port of Miami. It could also be a mixtape, which would succeed 2012's very educational The Black Bar Mitzvah.

Warning, though: "Foreclosures" contains the line, "We both come from those humble beginnings / Still can't believe that we never followed each other on Twitter." So now we've done our duty and can go back to spinning.