August 4, 2015


People Are Seriously Body-Shaming Rihanna Right Now?

@badgalriri on Instagram
@badgalriri on Instagram

This weekend, our Queen RiRi headed to her native Barbados for the country's annual Crop Over festival. For those not in the know: Near the end of the sugar season, the Caribbean nation always throws a giant party in celebration of another successful year of crops. The aesthetic is similar to that of Mardi Gras or Carnival, with bright feathers and elaborate costumes taking over the island.

Rihanna's been going to this bad boy for years, and over the weekend she blessed us with a few fantastically gorgeous photos of herself rocking outfits we're pretty positive no one else could ever pull off. With her hair flowing in curls, Rih rocked feathers, metal bikinis, wings and more, truly embracing her inner goddess in an outré fashion.

@badgalriri on Instagram
@badgalriri on Instagram

She looked absolutely breathtaking and strong, but some people didn't get the memo. Like all women in the public eye, her appearance was immediately commented upon. Most folks (you know, the ones with eyes) were falling all over themselves with praise, but that doesn't mean her photos were free from negative remarks. A quick search on Twitter and it becomes evident that her mentions were littered with criticism about her body, and mostly from men.

It's pretty amazing that anyone feels the need to talk about Rihanna's appearance like this, as if her clothing selection, the shape of her figure or what makeup she dons is something for our entertainment. In many ways, it's an issue of treating celebrities as performers both onstage and off, and one that affects women more than men. Their personal lives are not for us.

Beyond that, these are photographs of Rihanna in her country, embracing what her nation has accomplished that year and the culture that surrounds it. By choosing to comment on her appearance here, and in this's hard to not read some level of race discrimination in those comments. 

So if you're not blind or horrible like some of these body-shamers, check out these sexy shots of RiRi below. You can thank us later.