August 6, 2015


Robin Thicke and Nicki Minaj Drop Disco-y New Single "Back Together"

Last year, Robin Thicke annoyed pretty much everybody when he aired the dirty laundry of his divorce via the misguided Paula album, led by the minimalist R&B single "Get Her Back." On his new single, the "Blurred Lines" bloke is still trying to get the girl, but sounds like he's having way more fun doing so.

"Back Together" is a disco-y slab of pop with some irresistible funk-guitar licks and gooey bass lines, with a touch of the cowbell famously heard in "Blurred Lines." Robin's still pleading to reconcile, but for every heartfelt lyric ("You used your love to tear me apart / Now put me back together") there's a playful one ("Brought out the animal in me, nobody else can tame that beast / Why did you have to go and say goodbye?").

Nicki Minaj steals the spotlight for a sick verse on the bridge where she name-drops everyone from Tupac to Mary Poppins and Hillary Clinton. Nicki even sings a little bit when the production takes a "Conga"-like turn, adding to the feel-good sentiment. 

It isn't the first time Nicki and Thickey have teamed up, either. A pre-fame Onika landed on Robin's 2011 single "Shakin' It 4 Daddy," which wasn't a hit, but helped further the rapper's initial ascent into the pop stratosphere. So it's cool for Nick to give her co-sign to Rob's latest; we can imagine a lot of rappers having passed on working with the dude after his recent rough stretch. (Let's not even get into the messy, drawn-out "Blurred Lines" lawsuit; yikes.)

While Thicke hasn't announced a new album, "Back Together" likely previews an record that will see him returning to a more commercial pop sound a la his No. 1 Blurred Lines LP, versus last year's Paula, which is his lowest-selling record to date. (Serious, serious flop.)