August 24, 2015


Run the Jewels Working With Nas (And Zack de la Rocha Again)

@thereallyrealelp on Instagram
@thereallyrealelp on Instagram

That up there is an exciting 2015 rap photo. What you're seeing, thanks to the photo-sharing app Instagram, is the rapper/producer El-P, the rapper/basically politician Killer Mike—the gentlemen of Run the Jewels—with Nasir "NAS" Jones and Zack "Rage Against the Machine" de la Rocha. (And there's a second new pic of Jaime and Mike chilling with Zack.)

This is perfect explode-the-hip-hop-tastebuds fodder. The Rage frontman's song on Run the Jewels 2, "Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)" was one of the best titles and best tracks of 2014. De la Rocha's voice got chopped into the spasmodic hook, then he wrapped the cut with a rap verse that smacked our brains off the pavement. I mean, "Check my résumé, your residence is residue"? Yes, give us more RTJ-fueled ZDLR ASAP plz, thx.

Also give us our first bite of Jewels-fueled Nas! And/or Nas-fueled Jewels. Either way, the duo and the legend's shared penchants for social commentary and old-school-rap-fan's rap will yield plutonium. 

El-P's Instagram caption just says "this happened," so we have zero info, and give zero damns. "It’s also possible that Nas was just checking in on the trio, as his Mass Appeal Records releases RTJ’s music," Consequence of Sound notes. "Still, he has a history of appearing with the El and Mike, having surprised a Brooklyn crowd by performing 'Made You Look' with the pair at Northside Festival." Which, if you watch, is proof of the whole plutonium thing.