August 18, 2015


Sample Ryan Adams' Covers of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" and "Style"

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Update (8/18): Ryan Adams' previously unthinkable full-album cover of Taylor Swift's 1989 is now wrapped and in the mixing phase. "What a blast!!!!" Adams wrote on Instagram, going on to share two 30-second previews, one from the "Style" cover and one of his take on "Blank Space." The latter sounds like it could be a quiet little gem. Taylor seems to think so, too, giving Adams the coveted retweet from up on Most Popular Artist in the Universe Mountain.

Check out the clips below and guess which date of the 1989 Tour will use spend of its now-famous cameo spots on Ryan Adams.

Update (8/7): Yesterday we learned the improbable news that Ryan Adams is covering Taylor Swift's entire 1989 album; now we've got a couple additional tastes. Below, preview "Out of the Woods" ("Epic Coda has 4 guitars!!" Adams writes, adding that it's "a waltz now" and "maybe the best sad song I ever did") and "All You Had to Do Was Stay":

The word on "Shake It Off," the biggie everyone'll want to hear, alongside "Bad Blood"? Check it out:

Adams also says "Shake It Off" will be arranged in the style of "I'm on Fire," the Bruce Springsteen song, confirming that no matter what Adams says, this 1989 cover album will sound more like the Boss than the Smiths.

Original story (8/6): You read that right; this is happening; Taylor Swift's popularity is now as serious as that of Michael Jordan and the Beatles, possibly combined. Singer-songwriter-strummer (and deadmau5 super-hater) Ryan Adams is going to record an entire 1989 cover album. And, per the former Mr. Mandy Moore's word, it'll sound like the Smiths.

The 40-year-old Adams and the 25-year-old Swift have interacted on Twitter a bit, as well:

Isn't she kind of nervous? Is Taylor sincerely cool with this—the same Taylor who legally trademarked the phrase "this sick beat"? The same Taylor who can bust your camera if you don't comply with the 1989 Tour rules?

In a slew of Instagram posts, Adams also let us know that his rendition of "Welcome to New York" (stream a clip below) will be the "guaranteed saddest version" of the single—"or your tears back." Several of the posts show T-Swift lyric sheets that seem to printed straight from

Funnily enough, Ryan Adams put out an EP in August 2014—two months before 1989 dropped/sold all the copies in the universe—titled 1984. Spirit buddies!