August 2, 2016


Wes Craven's 8 Scariest Scenes

#1'Red Eye'

Movie: Red Eye

Released: 2005

Craven's Role: Director

Why It's Scary: For years, it seemed Wes Craven was trying to find his way out of horror, the genre that made him famous and pigeonholed him. In 2005's Red Eye, starring Rachel McAdams, Craven seems to have found a way to balance both. The film has the edge-of-your-seat suspense of a horror flick, but without any sci-fi monsters or over-the-top gore. Essentially, Red Eye is a very smart thriller. For most of the movie McAdams' character Lisa is stuck sitting on a plane right next to an eerily calm psychopath, telling her to do as he says or her father will die. However, the best scene is the climactic finale in the character's childhood home. Luckily, like in most of Craven's female-led films, McAdams' character isn't the helpless damsel in distress her opponent probably assumes.

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