August 27, 2015


Is Ed Sheeran's Huge Lion Chest Tattoo Actually Real or Not? You Decide

Christie Goodwin/Redferns via Getty Images
Christie Goodwin/Redferns via Getty Images

Update (8/27): This is getting out of hand. Like we mentioned earlier, Ed Sheeran's changed his tune when it came to that gigantic lion face he tattooed on his chest earlier this month. Yesterday he said he was "only joking" about it. But we noted that clever fans pointed out in the comments that he may have actually been covering up the tatt with makeup.

It looks like it was a fakeout, as Eddie seemingly revealed the vibrant tattoo again, writing that he "covered it up for a TV show" on Instagram. See the latest pic below:

@teddysphotos on Instagram
@teddysphotos on Instagram

So at this point, after Ed was joking about joking, we give up trying to figure out whether the "Thinking Out Loud" singer has a real-life Cecil the Lion tribute tattoo or not. We're leaving it up to you to decide. 

Vote with your thoughts below and read about the full tattoo controversy after that.

Did Ed Sheeran Really Get a Lion Head Tattoo on His Chest?

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Update (8/26): Take a sigh of relief, Sheerios. Ed Sheeran apparently does not have a humongous lion tattoo emblazoned across his chest.

Turns out the "Growing Up" singer "was only joking about the lion" tattoo, according to a new Instagram photo that shows his mostly shaven, non-tatted chest. But the reaction is dividing fans, some leaving comments like, "Thank God it wasnt true baby ed" alongside "Nooo. It looked so good" to others who are unconvinced, saying "it's got make up covering it." See for yourself below:

@teddysphotos on Instagram
@teddysphotos on Instagram

The only way to clear up this controversy will be for someone to go to a pool party with Ed and see what happens you dunk him underwater...a task for which we'll gladly volunteer ourselves.

Peep the original lion rendering below.

Original Story (8/11): Is Ed Sheeran making a statement about Cecil the Lion with his new tattoo?

Eh, maybe, maybe not. But one thing's for sure:The singer/songwriter now has a tattoo of a lion. On his chest.

Sheeran posted the picture to his Instagram Tuesday with the tattoo at its halfway point, evidenced by the ink still surrounding the actual lion picture. It's fairly clear what's going on despite its unfinished nature, though: a full-maned adult lion, gazing solemnly from between Ed Sheeran's nipples.

@teddysphotos on Instagram
@teddysphotos on Instagram

He added on Twitter that the lion tattoo is courtesy of Kevin Paul, a U.K.-based celebrity tattoo artist, and that Paul "puts up with me complaining about the pain." 

Someone's gotta, right?

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