August 26, 2015


Yelawolf Defends Use and Wearing of the Confederate Flag

Cooper Neill/Getty Images
Cooper Neill/Getty Images

White, Alabama-bred rapper Yelawolf is showing his support for the Confederate flag after a new T-shirt set him off.

The MC took to social media to express how upset he was by a new T-shirt that depicts one of the most inflammatory icons in American history being burned. The 35-year-old says, "Ain't no way I'm letting some ones [sic] ignorance tear me from my roots" and continued to explain why he supports the Confederate flag. You can see his full Facebook opinion below; it touches on Southern culture and how rappers like André 3000 and Big Gipp have worn the flag before. Click to enlarge:

YelaWolf on Facebook
YelaWolf on Facebook

Social media tells us it isn't the first time Yela's incorporated the flag into his fashion, namely this photo he posted from February 2014:

The statement has elicited responses from all over, with Talib Kweli writing:

Meanwhile, Lee Spielman, who is a co-owner of the clothing company Babylon, which created the tee, gave a seemingly cool-but-targeted response on Twitter:

Yelawolf hasn't responded to Talib or Lee yet, but did follow up his message with a post on his Facebook showing "a couple gifts thrown on stage during our performance," which were a Confederate flag-emblazoned vest and beanie. He called the items "RAD !!!"