September 25, 2015


Lil Wayne Jumps on a Remix of R. City and Adam Levine's "Locked Away"

What does one of the fastest-rising pop songs in the country need to help its cause? How about an official remix? R. City's "Locked Away," already featuring a guest star in Maroon 5's Adam Levine, adds another bigwig today in the form of Lil Wayne

Make no mistake: It's a remix, but most of "Locked Away" is virtually unchanged save for Weezy's verse, which they get out of the way at the very start.

Wayne drops in with a singsong rhyme style reminiscent of R. City's own on the track, finishing with a "love hard, love long" declaration that's probably been reblogged on Tumblr about 50,000 times by now.

"Locked Away" is off R. City's upcoming debut album What Dreams Are Made Of, due next month. No word on if the remix will be included on the record.