September 1, 2015


Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard Drops Debut Thunderbitch Album

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images
Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Sound & Color showed enough bravura and soul to last us a few years, easily. But today, a little more than four months later, Alabama Shakes frontwoman Brittany Howard has a new album for us. How she managed to cook up an entire new LP in addition to playing seemingly every festival there is, we'll never know.

The self-titled debut from Thunderbitch is loose, fiery and shrouded in mystery. The band's bio? "Thunderbitch. Rock 'n' Roll. The end." Its members? Thunderbitch, Matt Man, B Bone, ThunderMitch, Char Man and A Man.

We're gonna go ahead and assumed Thunderbitch is Brittany. Go stream the entire album at, grab it on iTunes for $8, and watch the goth-friendly trailer below:

Thunderbitch quietly announced itself (funny since nothing about the band is even remotely quiet) three years ago with early versions of "My Baby Is My Guitar" and "I Don't Care." (A Soundcloud account explains: "Hammered. First time we ever met. We made this. Barely.") The alt-weekly Nashville Scene writes that the group contains members of Fly Golden Eagle and Clear Plastic Masks.