September 15, 2015


Download Austin Mahone's Free New Song "On Your Way"

If slinky tracks like "Dirty Work" and "Do It Right" hinted at it, "On Your Way" confirms that Austin Mahone is making the sexiest music of his career. The young pop star dropped a new, free track on his Soundcloud account (click download above!) and it's another keeper.

Over snappy production, the 19-year-old sings mature-yet-slightly-adorable lyrics like, "So tonight, I'm gonna rock you like a baby / Tonight I'm gonna love you every second you're mine / We can go until the morning / I just wanna love till you're on your way."

With the same snappy production and heavy harmonies, the tune isn't suuuper different from "Do It Right," but this new song feels more in line to Mahone's past works versus "Do It Right," sounding more like a Chris Brown tribute track.

No word on if the cut will show up on his upcoming debut full-length, scheduled for later this year, but given Austin's latest offerings, look out for a sensual, R&B-flavored record coming your way, Mahomies.