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5 Cool James Bond Themes From This Millennium

007 has always had great music. From the new Sam Smith track back to Madonna's, these are our favorite 'Bond' themes since 2000

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UNDATED: In this undated handout photo from Eon Productions, actor Daniel Craig poses as James Bond.  Craig was unveiled as l
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Bond, James Bond has remained the movies’ smoothest spy for decades. And as Sam Smith’s new “Writing’s On The Wall” for 007's 24th flick, Spectre, reminds us all, James Bond theme songs since 2000 (by the likes of Madonna and Jack White) are some of the coolest, most shaken-not-stirred tunes in his arsenal.

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Madonna, "Die Another Day" (2002)

From the Bond film of the same name, Madonna's "Die Another Day" begs you to get out on the dance floor in a way that few other 007 tracks do. Audiences agreed and turned it into a hit, with the song reaching the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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Chris Cornell, "You Know My Name" (2007)

Every Soundgarden fan knows Chris Cornell's signature wail works just as well on hard-charging rock cuts as on power ballads. For his turn at the helm of Casino Royale theme "You Know My Name," the Soundgarden frontman split the difference (listen closely at 3:40 or so as he really amps up that voice). 

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Adele, "Skyfall" (2012)

Balancing musical suspense and an undeniable melancholy, Adele’s theme for 2012’s Skyfall is a classic, bittersweet Bond torch song. Front and center are her sultry vocals, vulnerable and perfect. No wonder she won the Oscar for Best Original Song.

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Jack White & Alicia Keys, "Another Way To Die" (2008)

Slinky piano from Alicia Keys, sleekly rocking guitar and drums from Jack White, and anthemic moments rising as the pair's voices mesh on the choruses, accented with brassy horns. This Quantum of Solace tune all comes together for a sexy, sophisticated, but still very rock 'n' roll Bond theme.

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Sam Smith, "Writing's On The Wall" (2015)

Melodramatic piano and strings score buoys Sam Smith’s fearless falsetto and soaring choruses on this Spectre song. Melancholy, epic, fierce, the track is just what a good Bond theme should be.

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