September 6, 2015


Beyoncé at Made in America: The 6 Coolest Moments From Her Headlining Set

#1Coming out to some new old stuff

At 10:30 PM on the Rocky Stage at the 2015 Made in America Festival, Beyoncé landed for a 90-minute set full of hits, glamorous outfits, dance magic, sleek filmed material, powerful spoken-word interludes and a mind-bogglingly rad stage setup. Here are our favorite moments.

A new version of "Crazy in Love" hit the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack back around Valentine's Day; Yoncé waited till her birthday, 24 hours before Made in America, to share it freely with the world. Then she opened her headlining set with the remix, setting the stage with perfect dramatic flair, the slow pomp and the fuzzed-out vocal take on the classic melody serving as a small moment of calm before a night of shaking, belting and jumping.

See a couple clips of the "Crazy in Love" intro below:

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