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Beyoncé at Made in America: The 6 Coolest Moments From Her Headlining Set

A day after her 34th birthday, Yoncé celebrated with Philadelphia

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Coming out to some new old stuff

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Anheuser-Busch

At 10:30 PM on the Rocky Stage at the 2015 Made in America Festival, Beyoncé landed for a 90-minute set full of hits, glamorous outfits, dance magic, sleek filmed material, powerful spoken-word interludes and a mind-bogglingly rad stage setup. Here are our favorite moments.

A new version of "Crazy in Love" hit the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack back around Valentine's Day; Yoncé waited till her birthday, 24 hours before Made in America, to share it freely with the world. Then she opened her headlining set with the remix, setting the stage with perfect dramatic flair, the slow pomp and the fuzzed-out vocal take on the classic melody serving as a small moment of calm before a night of shaking, belting and jumping.

See a couple clips of the "Crazy in Love" intro below:

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The first-inning twerk sesh

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Anheuser-Busch

After coming out to the waltzier version of "Crazy in Love," Bey went straight to 2001 with "Booylicious." She and her dancers taught Twerk 101 with both the Destiny's Child track and a little of Lil Ronny MothaF's "Circle" (as in, "throw that ass in a circle"). No point in wasting time.

Catch a glimpse:

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It's been almost a year since Bey dropped the platinum edition of her self-titled album, but her trappiest single ever still bangs like it came out yesterday. There's pleasing the crowd, and there's playing "7/11."

Here's a couple more clips, via Yoncé's Instagram:

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When we all realized this show was going to feature Beyoncé and only Beyoncé

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Anheuser-Busch

In the middle of the set, Bey dropped "Drunk in Love" without an appearance from festival forefather Jay Z. (Bonus points for replacing some of the song's architecture with the now infamous synth stabs from Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen.") Then she put on Nicki Minaj's "Feeling Myself" and played the Beyoncé-only version three times in a row. Onika never showed up, despite the fact that she'd been on that stage mere hours ago with her man Meek Mill. At that point it was blindingly clear that nobody was touching that stage except Bey and her crew.

Weirdly or awesomely or both, Nicki later posted videos of "Feeling Myself":

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Future's spiritual guest appearance

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Anheuser-Busch

The pounding "Diva" showed up early on, igniting the audience for the fifth time in 15 minutes. Then the crowd's ashes were treated to an interpolation of Future's "Fuck Up Soma Commas," and a straight-out section of Futch and Drake's "Where Ya At." Not for the first time, we were left wondering if this was real life.

Later, part of "Ring the Alarm" would be set to Jay Z's Doors-sampling beat from "The Takeover." Watch the "Where Ya At" action below:

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70,000 people crying at the same time

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Anheuser-Busch

Even the coldest hearts couldn't survive the triple-hit of "XO," "Halo," and the unbearably emotional "1+1." Fortunately Bey got us all back on our feet with "Grown Woman," "End of Time," "Love on Top" and "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)," letting us know before saying farewell that she was "so happy to celebrate my birthday with y'all."

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