September 18, 2015


Would Bring Me the Horizon Collaborate With One Direction?

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Getty Images

Now that Bring Me the Horizon's fifth album That's the Spirit is out and in the hands of their fans, the British rockers can focus on what's next: Collaborating with One Direction?

Maybe not just yet, but the band would certainly not rule it out. In a Reddit AMA, BMTH frontman Oliver Sykes was asked if his band would consider a collaborative record in the vein of Linkin Park and Jay Z's Collision Course album—and if so, who with. 

His response? Well, J. Cole, first of all. But he's got backups.

"J. Cole, and if he doesn't want to do it, Crazy Town," Sykes said. "Or 1D."

Does ya boy have jokes? Perhaps. Cole, whose 2014 Forest Hills Drive hit No. 1 in America last December, is probably legitimate and would fall in line with the Jay Z-Linkin Park mentality. One Direction would be a little more of a stretch. And Crazy Town, well, any day someone brings the "Butterfly"-toting rap rock group back into the news cycle is a glorious day, regardless of intent.

If their aim is true, better get a move on; One Direction's upcoming fifth studio album will be their last before an indefinite hiatus.