September 30, 2015


You Need This Bring Me The Horizon / Linkin Park Mashup

Bring Me The Horizon are sitting pretty. Not only did their first full-length on a major label, That's the Spirit, debut at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the top album sales list, they've also managed to craft a completely new sound. They're no longer the world's most famous metalcore or post-hardcore band, they're coming for the title of rock titan.

A band that has already acquired that guitar god status is Linkin Park. Some internet genius came up with the idea of combining the two bands, BMTH's "Throne" and LP's "Faint" for the mashup to end all mashups. Listen to it above.

It's called "Faint Throne," and it will have you bopping along like none other. After you're done listening to the thing on repeat, make sure to click through our exclusive photos of Linkin Park live at Canada's Amnesia Rockfest.