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The 19 Wildest Onstage Fan Attacks Caught on Camera

Demonstrations of fandom can get a bit overzealous—and sometimes scary

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Britney Spears (2017)

From the Dubai fan who attacked Justin Bieber with a hug to the one Rihanna embraced and gave a baseball bat to, these are the wildest onstage fan-attack moments caught on camera.

"What's going on? Does he have a gun?" Britney Spears asked security after noticing a man storming the stage at a 2017 Las Vegas show. Security guards and backup dancers worked together to tackle and apprehend a man who ran onstage and interrupted the Aug. 9 performance. 

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Enrique Iglesias (2016)

Sometimes you're cool with a fan rushing the stage...until they literally won't unwrap you from their clutches.

During a June 2016 concert in Baku, Azerbaijan, Enrique Iglesias embraced a young female fan who rushed the stage and seemed to tell the security guards it was cool. But the fan clearly got a little too comfortable and wouldn't unwrap him or let go of his shirt. 

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Taylor Swift (2015)

A four-man-strong security force had to take down a fan who rushed the stage at Taylor Swift's San Diego concert on September 1. The "Wildest Dreams" star never broke stride as the overeager Swiftie fought to stay onstage with one guard breaking a rib during the hubbub, according to an account from the San Diego Union Tribune.

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Adam Levine (2015)

Never mind the fact he's a married man, that didn't stop this Anaheim, California fan from rushing the stage to hug Adam Levine from behind. The Maroon 5 hunk looks scared at first, but then keeps his cool and embraces the fan...until security promptly whisks her backstage. 

"That was fucking scary," he tells the audience after.

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Riff Raff (2015)

Quick and absolutely cray: A concertgoer slaps Riff Raff on the back only be swiftly tackled and shoveled offstage by a huge security guard. This should be a warning video to anyone who attends a Riff show.

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Justin Bieber (2013)

Justin Bieber attacked...by a hug!

A Dubai-based Belieber swarmed the stage, arms wide open, as Bieber performed at the piano during a concert stop in the United Arab Emirates. The star quickly reacted, jumping away from the piano as security tackled the fan and sent the piano tumbling down. Scariness aside, it's an incredible sight.

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Beyoncé (2013)

Queen Bey is always gracious. Even when an overzealous Brazilian fan nearly pulled Beyoncé into the crowd, she told security security that everything was "all right" and that "this gentleman just got excited" when they began taking him out of the venue. Bey then even introduced herself to him, which may invite more people to get a little too close, but hey, you can't ignore that type of kindness caught on tape.

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Action Bronson (2013)

And then of course, there are times when the artist themselves fight back. Like when Action Bronson took matters into his own hands to body slam a stage-rusher and throws him back into the audience.

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One Direction (2012)

This one isn't so much wild as it is bizarre. A Directioner hopped onstage during this 1D show only to completely run past the boys and hang centerstage. Maybe she really wanted to know what it was like to have an arena of people cheering for her?

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Demi Lovato (2012)

Poor Demi Lovato didn't know what she was getting herself into when she wanted to be a little closer to audience members. She requested for the security guards to loosen the crowd gates to let Lovatics in the crowd get closer, prompting several to take advantage of this, with at least half a dozen jumping onstage. Demi had to be rushed away.

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Miley Cyrus (2011)

A fan rushed the stage to stand next to Miley as she was waving goodbye to her Melbourne audience, clearly distressing the star and forcing her to run offstage with security.

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Avril Lavigne (2011)

Avril Lavigne got truly spooked and actually screamed when a Brazilian supporter rushed the stage as she was performing atop a piano. Maybe that's why Brazilian fans had to stand at arm's length from her during meet-and-greets last year.

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Girls' Generation (2011)

In one of the most bizarre and scary moments in live K-pop, Taeyeon, a member of Korean supergroup Girls' Generation, was casually pulled offstage by a fan who refused to let go of the singer. Shoutout to her band mate Sunny who instantly reacted and followed Taeyeon.

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Rihanna (2010)

In what might be the wildest reaction to a fan jumping the stage, Rihanna not only embraced her ambitious, stage-rushing fan...but gave the girl an actual baseball bat to dance with onstage. Girlfriend must really trust her fans.

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Slash (2010)

Like the true guitar god he is, even when Slash was jumped—and an aggressive security guard almost knocked him completely offstage—the legend barely missed a beat.

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Lady Gaga (2010)

During a 2010 show in Japan, a Little Monster came to Mother Monster seemingly just wanting to get on her knees and worship Gaga during a performance of "Bad Romance."

Somewhat hilariously, Gaga was belting the "I don't want to be friends" line from the single as the fan was being dragged offstage by her dancers.

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Britney Spears (2009)

You gotta feel for the pop princess as you see her visibly shaken and trembling after a fan hopped onstage and was quickly taken away.

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Michael Jackson (1996)

One of the best-handled stage-jumps came during a '96 Seoul show when a Korean fan ran up the crane Michael Jackson was performing "Earth Song" upon. MJ held the young man, ensuring he wouldn't fall, all while being his fierce self. 

Michael, there really wasn't anyone like you.

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The Rolling Stones (1965)

Here's some classic footage for ya: The Rolling Stones getting attacked by hordes of adoring females who teamed up to attack Mick, Keith and the gang. The decades may change, but extreme fan zeal never dies.

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