September 21, 2015


The 21 Best Lyrics on Drake and Future's 'What a Time to Be Alive'

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Future Hendrix and Drizzy Drake dropped their (too short!) mixtape, What a Time to Be Alive, on Sunday night. It's a big, massive, very large deal; Drake is rap's reigning king, Future is poised to have a turn on the throne any day now. The 11-track release is focused around Atlanta vibes and dark melodies and the guys doing their own versions of the same choruses, but it's got lyrical smashes galore. Here are our 21 favorite lines on What a Time to Be Alive.

1. Drake on "Digital Dash: "You hate your life, just be honest"

2. Drake on "30 for 30 Freestyle": "The pen is working if you n---as need some ghost lines"

3. Future on "Big Rings": "You just a battle rapper, I'm an official trapper / N---as be droppin subliminals, n---a, that just some jibber jabber"

@champagnepapi on Instagram
@champagnepapi on Instagram

4. Future on "Live from the Gutter": "Walked inside the booth and came out in a Learjet"

5. Drake on "I'm the Plug": "Yeah, yeah, up and away / Y'all shoulda seen this shit comin in may / We doin 300 records a day / Who really think they can get in the way? / Nah, nah"

6. Future on "Digital Dash": "I hustle the first to the first"

7. Drake on "30 for 30 Freestyle": "And I just came from dinner where I ate some well-done seared scallops that were to die for / But I got bigger fish to fry / I'm talking bigger shit than you and I / Kids are losing lives, got me scared of losing mine / And if I hold my tongue about it, I get crucified"

8. Future on "Change Locations": "I got more style than the stylists / I like that money is money is piling / I see that money just piling / I see it's piling and piling and piling and piling and piling and piling"

9. Drake on "Big Rings": "Look at the smile on me, look at the owl on me"

10. Future on "Digital Dash": "I told em I'm back on my bachelor / I get focused on millions and everything / I just took me a trip out to Africa"

11. Drake on "Change Locations": "Two in the morning, my mind is in you / Four in the morning, it still hasn't moved / Hit me to tell me you get off at 10 / Come here I'll make sure you get off again"

12. Future on "I'm the Plug": "I got all these fuckin whips and ain't got no payments"

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13. Drake on "Digital Dash": "Just walked in with a girl that's makin triple what I'm makin / What an entrance"

14. Future on "Diamonds Dancing": "Sippin on Dom Pérignon for no reason / Poppin tags, upper echelon, for no reason"

15. Drake on "Scholarships": "We got that purple rain for the pain"

16. Future on "Change Locations": "When you gettin a lotta money, you can't help but save it"

17. Drake on "Jumpman": "You don't have to call, I hit my dance like Usher / I just found my tempo like I'm DJ Mustard"

18. Future on "Jersey": "Like the smell of that money when it burn"

19. Drake on "30 for 30 Freestyle": "The haters just bringing me and my people closer, actually / What happened to the things you n---as said was supposed to happen? / Are we just supposed to ignore the fact that it never happened?"

20. Future on "Jumpman": "Nobu, Nobu, Nobu, Nobu, Nobu, Nobu"

21. Future and Drake on "Scholarships": "I wake up on a daily basis"