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8 Excellent Collaborations Ed Sheeran Has Done This Year

From songs by Tori Kelly to the Weeknd to Hilary Duff, Ed's been everywhere, man

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Tori Kelly's "I Was Made for Loving You"

He hasn't released an album in over a year, but Ed Sheeran has remained quite visible throughout the summer of 2015 especially, and not just because he's still getting traction off the singles from X. The singer-songwriter continues to pop up on an alarming amount of other musicians' songs as a featured artist, sometimes because he cowrote the track and other times because, hey, it's Ed Sheeran, why not?

With the release of "Lay It All On Me," Ed's newest collaboration with Rudimental, it's time to look at the impressive track record Sheeran's racked up since summer kicked off.

Sheeran cowrote this mellow, strings-complemented acoustic track off ascendant pop star/rock star Tori Kelly's debut album, Unbreakable Smile. Once his somber vocal enters opposite Kelly's, it's clear the tune could have easily found its way onto a Sheeran record and no one would have batted an eye.

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Growing Up (Sloane's Song)"

Macklemore's revealing entry into fatherhood was flanked by quite the unusual sight: a high-profile guest star instead of a lesser-known, Sheeran handling the chorus alongside the rapper's recommendations for his kid to read The Alchemist.

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The Weeknd's "Dark Times"

The 12th track off the Weeknd's new Beauty Behind the Madness record sounds exactly like what you'd expect from Abel Tesfaye sidling up to Sheeran's ministrations. The sparse, roughly plucked electric guitar replaces the Weeknd's usual mountain of synths, to great effect.

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Rudimental's "Bloodstream"

Though fans were introduced to "Bloodstream" via Sheeran's X, the singer teamed up with Rudimental for a new version credited to both earlier this year that met Sheeran's request to "tell me when it kicks in" with rapid fire percussion.

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Nekfeu's "Reuf"

Now for a change of pace: Sheeran popped up on French rapper Nekfeu's "Reuf," which is presented nearly entirely in French, save for Sheeran's chorus proclamation that he'll be "calling you."

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Krept & Konan's "Dreams"

U.K. hip hoppers Krept & Konan's debut album, The Long Way Home, is certifiably stacked with guest artists, among them Wiz KhalifaJeremihRick Ross and even Sheeran, who contributes a distant, distorted vocal to "Dreams."

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Hilary Duff's "Tattoo"

More of an uncredited guest spot than anything, but Sheeran, who cowrote "Tattoo," appears, albeit low in the mix, performing Hilary Duff's backing vocals on the Breathe In. Breathe Out. song.

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Rudimental's "Lay It All On Me"

"This is my final thing I'm releasing for a while," Sheeran tweeted before the song's release. "Bad news if you like me, great news if you don't. We cater for everyone at SheeranCorp." It's his second collaboration with Rudimental following the aforementioned "Bloodstream," though the song itself has been bouncing around the SheeranCorp live circuit since last year.

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