September 10, 2015


Meet the Stars of Fuse's 'Fluffy Breaks Even'

#1Gabriel Iglesias

Coming from a family of six kids, Gabriel has always looked for a way to set himself apart from everyone else, and comedy was the answer. A veteran of the stand-up scene, he’s gone from working tiny rooms in backwater bars to massive stadiums across the globe. Now one of the biggest and most recognizable comedians in America, Gabriel has used his irreverent, animated comic stylings and “Fluffy” persona to bring laughter and joy to millions of people. With his Unity Through Laughter World Tour, Gabriel is now leading a team of comedians who aren’t just some of the funniest guys around, they’re also some of Gabriel’s best friends. A man on a weight-loss mission, Gabriel knows the road of any comedy tour is paved with sinful meals. But he’s ready to battle these temptations by vowing to balance them out with equally outrageous workouts. With a little help from his friends, Gabriel can enjoy some fine dining while keeping his health in check as Fluffy Breaks Even.

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