September 23, 2015


Gwen Stefani Sounds Psyched as Hell About First Solo Album in Nine Years

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Gwen Stefani's back in her judge's seat on The Voice, going through a divorce, mothering three kids under the age of nine (li'l Apollo's just 18 months) and blasting full-speed ahead with her next album. It's a ginormous deal—while Stefani did the No Doubt comeback LP Push and Shove in 2012, she hasn't put out a disc of her own in nine years. Fans are used to the feeling, as there was an 11-year gap between those last two No Doubt records.

The follow-up to Stefani's sophomore album, The Sweet Escape, could be close. On Tuesday she tweeted a handful of updates about her third solo release:

What's that #betido hashtag? An album title? A single title? Some kinda inside joke flex? The photo with "Justin," who is Semi Precious Weapons frontman Justin Tranter, also appeared on Instagram with the extra note, "thank u for making all These babies w me." And a bonus hashtag: #heaven. There's also an Instagram shot of a focused-looking Gwen with headphones, captioned, "Singing my heart out at the studio."

Earlier this week, Stefani told People she started writing songs in June and has already racked up 14, which she likened to "getting pregnant with 14 babies all at once." She also said each new track has added an entirely new flavor to the album. About the overall tone, she said: "[It's] just truth. Just being clear and being true to myself. I just want to be fulfilled. It's really quite selfish."

A year ago, Stefani was eyeing a December 2014 release. She told a fan on Twitter that "the entire album is a collaboration," which has us wondering if Justin Tranter is heavily involved. Sounds like we might get to find out soon. The last new Gwen we heard was on Eminem's Southpaw soundtrack single "Kings Never Die."